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Oregon Foundation Removes Akha Children

An Oregon foundation joins the sad list of mission or other organizations in the US who take away Akha children from their families and culture. The Starfish Country Home Chiangmai operated by Richard Haugland of Eugene.
Starfish Country Home Chiangmai

Starfish is another "fake orphanage" home in Thailand run this time by Oregonian Richard Haugland.

We disagree with any organization which removes Akha children from their home community for any reason. While a home condition might give authorities in the Thai government necessity to remove a child, it does not give missions the right to do it, and it is a gross violation of child rights. Further any removal of a child from a home does not require that they need to be removed from the village or community.

Besides the Thai government seizing Akha lands, which the missions are totally silent about, we know of no group of perpetrators, well organized similar to a criminal organization, which remove Akha children like the missionary network does.

This comment is off the Starfish website, we quote:
"Those children that can achieve the required academic excellence will remain at the school until they are ready to attend university and will be further supported at university. The education will always be free, diversified and directed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of the individual student."

Is taking them away from their parents one of their needs?
Are children of three and four years of age required to achieve a level of required academic excellence? Will they measure up to second rate citizens of the Aryan Master Race?

Missionaries Suck.

There are many many of these missionaries removing Akha children from their homes and basically dictating what their lives will be like without the consent of their parents, who have very little means of knowing what is going on. The missionaries know this of course.

Paul and Lori of Salem and Denver support the same kind of mentality. (connected to Akha Outreach Foundation which removes Akha children en masse.) A careful weaving of fragments of Akha culture into their website when what they stand for is total elimination of the Akha Way.
We find it disgusting that they wear traditional Akha attire. Carpet bagging white trash missionaries.  http://www.loriandpaul.hopedenver.com/

Starfish Country Home

Comments we are receiving about Starfish Home.

He (Richard) is not accountable to anyone and never will be. He has a lot of money, he can build what he wants, buy what he wants, do what he wants. As long as he is dumping money the Thais don't care. This is freedom that should not be allowed anyone when it comes to working with children, to say nothing of a country which allows every tom, dick and harry to take hilltribe children at will and do what they want with them, as long as they are taken OUT of the valuable mountain lands. (see www.akha.org about Queen of Thailand taking Akha land)

I was one of two Montessori teachers hired by Starfish Foundation to start a Montessori school for disadvantaged hilltribe children. Shortly after arriving I realized the Director, and sole head of the foundation, Richard Haugland, had only a sketchy idea of Montessori. He has virtually no educational backround or experience. He wants the volunteers to assess preschool-aged children for their "intelligence" and their ability to learn english. He often refers to children as "dumb." If the children do not please him he sends them to another site he operates in Chiang Mai, where they will attend local Thai schools. He admits this is a "punishment", since the local schools are of poor quality. He tells the parents of these children that they will be getting a first rate education, but if they don't have enough "academic" potential they will be sent to Chiang Mai. Although we never gave up trying to inform this man that it's impossible to assess a three-year-old's "academic" potential, or that his expectations that preschoolers speak fluent english when they still learning Thai (tri-lingual) are completely unrealistic, even delusional, he never stopped insisting that these were his expectations. He is deceiving the parents and guardians of these children.

While the website claims that the parents bring the children to the home, in fact Mr. Haugland goes looking for them and uses a Hmong woman to help him extract the children. Persuasion and promises. But Mr. Haugland talks about the children as if he never intends to return them, favors very small girls, and had to be aggressively confronted to allow the children to go and see their parents for Christmas. Mr. Haugland also works with a number of other homes that he gives funding to. These organizations which are sometimes listed as also part of the Starfish organization seem to have some role in helping him get Akha children.

The Starfish Country Home School is no longer montessori. After we left in protest Haugland advertised for an ESL teacher.

This "school" is a fraud perpetrated on poor, marginalized people who only want their children to have the opportunities that Starfish promises them. They think Haugland is an educator, or at least someone with experience running a school. He could certainly never get away with this operation in the U.S.

Its about RACE stupid. White Race.

homepage: homepage: http://www.akha.org