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grannies arrested at Gordon Smith's office

I called Smith's Portland office and the receptionist said, that the 2 ladies 'wished to be arrested" I asked her if she was the one who called the cops and she hung up
Arrested! Oregon Senator has 61/78 yo women arrested
by Wolverines [Subscribe]

Thu Feb 22, 2007 at 04:45:21 AM PST

2 women, yesterday, wanted to speak to their imperial senator; obviously, a senator
is above that kind of 'wallowing in the masses' kinda thing.

Below the fold is her post to  OregonDems@yahoogroups.com

I encourage you to write to this pinhead senator and let him know whether your agree
or disagree with his actions.

Imagine the gall of these women! Expecting someone as important as a Senator to
speak with old, female constituents who obviously can't contribute much money
to his re-election is just un-American!

Naturally, a Senator that would have elderly women arrested for exercising their
free speech rights is a Rethuglican!

Wolverines's diary :: ::
Kathleen's post:

For a 61 year old woman, I had a terrifically interesting day. On Wednesday, February
20, 2007 I got arrested - along with another 78 year old woman named Dot. We entered
Sen. Gordon Smith's office and asked the receptionist if we couldn't speak
to Senator Smith or one of his aides. We were informed that Senator Smith was in
Salem today - and no aide except one involved with immigration issues was present
in the office today. I asked if Sen. Smith or his aides would be in his office
tomorrow and I was told that in order to speak to the senator a voter would have
to submit a request in writing. The receptionist's answer was an acceptable
response - but she ignored the fact I had just indicated that we would be willing
to speak to one of his aides in consideration of the busy senator's schedule.
I did not believe a "written request should be necessary to speak to one of
the senator's aides so at this point I wondered, "Does this senator believe
he has any obligation to the citizen - to his fellow Oregonians?" Why wouldn't
a telephone call provide the senator OR one of his aides with sufficient notice
that one of his constituents had a desire to express an opinion on an important
and pressing issue such as the Iraq war. I felt that the receptionist was being
evasive - and that the senator was prepared to duck and dodge any request for a
serious conversation on the issue. At this point, I did sit down and wrote out a
letter requesting some time with the senator, himself, within 7 working days since
I felt that the effort of a written request warranted more than a few moments with
one of the senator's office staff.

The receptionist asked us to leave, Dot and I refused - and 3 regular police officers
came to arrest us - soon joined by 3 bicycle officers. Dot and I must appear awfully
dangerous to require 6 police officers - even though I am only about 5'4"
tall and Dot's head barely came to the height of my shoulder. (I'd guess
Dot is slightly less than 5' tall.) Neither Dot nor I would make a very convincing
Amazons, but I felt honored. Each police officer who Dot and I encountered today
were courteous, polite, and even apologetic; some seem amused - a few seemed shocked.
I feel that they should be commended for their warmth and courtesy - I think Dot
would agree that we felt we received better treatment from the hands of PPD than
we did from Sen. Smith's office.

One Sen. Smith's aides who arrived about the time the police officers arrived.
(I think the gentleman who came out to speak to us was an aide since he was dressed
in a suit - not a security uniform.) Dot asked him if he could make a statement
about the senator's stance about defunding the war. The man (I fail to recall
his name) refused to offer statement on Smith's behalf, and he said, "You
should have more respect for a U.S. senator than to refuse to leave his office".
At his point I turned this man's rudy complexion a neon red because of something
that I said.... Oops. In the presence of the police officers he'd called
I said, ""Gee I woulda thought that a democratically elected politician
should have more respect - for the voter - for his constituents... Should a senator
play hide and seek with his constituents?" and I asked the police officers
if we looked like we "two little old ladies looked dangerous?" and I made
a statement to the affect that the senator must be very easily intimidated to be
afraid of 2 elderly constituents.

On the elevator to the parking garage one of the six officers asked if Dot or I
had ever been arrested before. I said, "No ....we're first timers."
That got a laugh so I recycled the remark when we were being booked.

Later in the process of being searched for weapons, I made the statement "My
most lethal weapon is a sharp tongue." - with a smile to indicate that I was
indeed harmless. (Providing an Irish woman with an audience was perhaps not the
best strategic decision that Gordon's political advisers may have made today.)
With each officer with whom I came into contact at the jail, I asked "What
do you think of a senator who'd arrest his constituents for making an attempt
to speak to him?" I did not hear a single negative response to that question
and several officers actually indicated they were shocked. One of the female police
officers who dealt with us told me that she is a Portlandindiemedia photographer
and she told me that she'd see us at the next peace demonstration!!

When it was time to have my mug shot taken I was talking, of course - I do love
an audience. The policewoman told me, "Keep a straight face and look into
the camera." Of, course that made it impossible for me to keep a straight
face - I laughed and they had to take the picture again until I could keep my mouth
closed. When it became evident that this procedure could take all day - they finally
got a mug shot of me - obviously stifling laughter with a good deal of effort.

Of course I spoke to all my fellow prisoners as well - and urged them to vote.
They all expressed shock that two old ladies were arrested for attempting to talk
to their senator. (I think I should have been a politician or a preacher cause
proselytizing comes so naturally. :-D)

Let me encourage you - I had a great time meeting all the other women. I begin
to think that some of the most interesting, independent and intelligent women are
not necessarily "model little housewives" or entirely respectable ones
from society's viewpoint, though more than a few have had very difficult lives
and backgrounds. I must say that I liked Daniel, Monica, Katrina, a beautifull
young 18 year old, and all the other women I met "behind bars".

After nearly 5 hours in detention, I was chauffered home by Tom Hastings a local
peace activist who teaches Conflict Resolution at Portland State University - the
perfect end to a very interesting day.

<bold>"When fascism comes to America it will come wrapped in the flag
and carrying a cross." - Sinclair Lewis</bold>

Some history. The following is an editorial that is encouraging a particular Democrat
to run against Gordon. The sentences are satiric.

Imagine if one of Oregon's two U.S. senators had repeatedly voted against raising
the minimum wage, or voted against allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies
for reasonable prices for prescription drugs.

Imagine if strongly progressive Oregon had sent somebody to the world's greatest
deliberative body who voted against investigating Halliburton, and who voted to
raid the Social Security trust fund in order to pay for tax cuts for America's
richest people.

Imagine if Oregon had a senator who believed that people who work for a living should
pay taxes at a higher rate than people who make their money buying and selling stock.

Imagine if that senator was one of the prime sponsors of a massive tax cut for multinational
corporations—especially drug companies—that stash their profits in overseas tax
havens. A tax cut that George W. Bush's own treasury secretary denounced as
favoring multinationals over domestic firms.

Imagine the senator not only voted for the Iraq war, and supported it for four years,
but as late as June 2006 gave an impassioned speech defending the war as a noble
fight for "freedom." Imagine that in December 2006 he said he was open
to supporting sending more troops to Iraq.

Imagine that the same senator openly called for then-Attorney General John Ashcroft
to override Oregon's voter-approved Death with Dignity law, opposed a woman's
right to choose an abortion and was an unabashed supporter of the Patriot Act.

Imagine the senator was one of Congress' top recipients of trips on corporate
jets, accepting rides worth over $69,000 since 2001.

Imagine the same senator voted to allow coal-fired power plants to increase their
toxic emissions. Imagine that his position on global warming was so absurd that
the Daily Astorian said he had joined the Flat Earth Society. Imagine that he had
voted to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Imagine he had voted to give $11.5 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas industries.

Imagine that the senator thought he could pass himself off as a "moderate"
by continuously engaging in transparently political contortions—like taking six
different positions on the war in Iraq in six weeks.

Yeah. Imagine that. Well, one doesn't have to imagine; Oregon has this Senator,
right now.

Thank you ladies. 22.Feb.2007 19:49

eyes now opened

It takes the a story like the one just told to show us all who we have in office. The person we have in office needs to change. Thanks again.

That's true. 24.Feb.2007 09:24

Fred Bauer

When you say "Raid the Social Security trust fund in order to pay for tax cuts for America's richest people." you should add "And pay for wars of aggression." Money from your payroll taxes, intended for your retirement are being given to rich corporations and used for wars you don't want. The solution? Cut "entitlement" spending!

And money you earn is taxed far higher than investment income. That's a fact.

Just for supporting "The Patriot Act" alone Smith should be shot. And if I go on my more I'm liable to tell you how I really feel about Smith.

indymedia police? 24.Feb.2007 16:07


"One of the female police officers who dealt with us told me that she is a Portlandindiemedia photographer"


woah Mama! 05.Mar.2007 22:11

Jesse Henderson--Moms Rising jesse@mothertreebirth.com

I loved your story--a woman who has life in perspective--and I was appalled that what happened to you was real--surreall! But true. Keep up the good work with your fiery tongue my dear Grandmother! Keeping on message in all the ways that need it! You've inspired me on my own path of contribution.

Becoming a mother inspired me to be more political. I'm working towards a Mother's Day rally in Portland on behalf of Mom's Rising--working towards real family values:
M: Maternity/Paternity Leave
O: Open, Flexible Work
T: TV We Choose & Other After-School Programs
H: Healthcare for All Kids
E: Excellent Childcare
R: Realistic & Fair Wages

And I am the founder of the Portland Family Time Bank--a community weaver--where neigbors can contribute an hour of services in exchange for another's hour of service--doing more of what they love in exchange for what they don't. When the world spins out of control, we can recognize our own personal assets and keep them here.

Jesse Henderson
Mother Tree Birth
Portland Family Time Bank
Organizer--Mom's Rising!