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U.S. Government Advertises Its Next Terrorist Attack

Are you scared yet? Or just plain pissed off?!
These new billboards have been going up all across the empire, apparently to
advertise the Red Cross, but their obvious purpose is to instill more fear in
the already terrified sheeple.

What is interesting is the date set for the U.S. government's next terrorist
attack, via al CIAduh......November 9, 2009.
The small print declares that it will be a biological-chemical attack.

it's just a play off of 9/11 20.Feb.2007 17:46


I don't think that we should be reading anything into the 11/9 date

whoa, 20.Feb.2007 18:01


and, also, check out the deep meaning possible in the words used for the web-site call address, "prepare why", as in "we are going to prepare our own reasons for ramping up."

why not the red cross?

i love it.

Thats W N Y 20.Feb.2007 20:16


Actually, it's preparewny, not preparewhy, as in Western New York.