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Indy-Radio Seeks Pro-Impeachment Liberal Guest

We have this show on indy-radio called 1,2,3, who cares. A show of anarchist theory, and we'd like to have a discussion about the liberal ideology with a real-life liberal. We'd specifically like to talk to someone who advocates impeachment.
If you advocate impeachment and prefer liberalism to radicalism we'd like to hear from you, and have a discussion on the radio monday night. Respond back with your email and we'll shoot you a line about being on the show. Be sure to include in your response a piece of why you advocate impeachment over revolution-proper.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/02/354404.shtml

what is "revolution proper?" 20.Feb.2007 08:58

I am just curious


I find it funny 20.Feb.2007 10:02

you think you have to advertise

step out your studio door and throw a scone, it'll hit one. when he or she turns to ask why you are being so aggro with the bread products, rope them in. Or are you looking for something more specific?

I'm a liberal, unless by that you mean that I have to take a stand now 20.Feb.2007 15:44

Burl Doomenauer

I'm pro-impeachment as a general concept, but it would be irresponsible to do it now, since it would divert energy from the next election and it would traumatize us. Maybe after the next election (although the election of 2010 might require that we wait until 2011).

I respect all points of view, although we can't exactly eliminate funding for the occupation. That would also be irresponsible. Our glorious troops will be left bullet-less if we don't give Cheney another hundred billion.

We can eliminate funding for the surge, as long as it's non-binding and responsible.

Iran is really too complicated for ordinary people to understand. We should demand that the president listen to our plan on Iran when we have one, but we should keep all our options on the table, as Hillary says.