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In need of Guidance

I am an out spoken African American male that speaks his mind in a Western Society dominated environment. For a number of years I have had a number of seemingly subtle attacks against me. They have now escalated, and the attackers are playing for keeps. I kid you not.
I am sending you this e-mail because I do not know where else to turn. I am an African American male who was born and raised in Harlem. I currently have a place on Riverside Drive and have been experiencing not so normal occurrences. I have been followed by what I believe to be as unmarked police cars with individuals who have police officer's uniforms. There have been a number of occasions where they have pulled beside me as I walked in the street leaving my residence. They have blatantly followed me for an entire block on a number of occasions. On one occasion, an unmarked car was stationed on the corner, as I was about to cross the street, the car sped off almost hitting me. The car had dark tints. The only thing I was able to make out was an African American male was driving and that it had a red police light on the dashboard of the car. He also had on a sergeant or officer's uniform (white shirt). I automatically put my self in casual black man mode thinking these officers think I must be a drug dealer from the neighborhood. I figure if they see me leave at a certain time and come back at a certain time it would be seen that I have an honest 9 to 5. After these incidents, I have had a home invasion by someone the police told me was mentally unstable and they refused to let me press charges. I was told the individual lives in my building, which has 24-hour security. Also on a number of occasions, I have had money taken from my place of residence without anyone being in the apartment. After I came to a definite conclusion this was going on, I changed my locks. Right after I changed my locks and had not been staying there for a number of weeks, my wallet, which contained my social security card, all of my old college ids and credit cards had vanished. I have contacted the FBI but they told me this was a matter for my local police department. If I feel they are the ones orchestrating this, how can I go to them? I am currently staying with my girlfriend. Things had been fine for a while. I have stayed with her for the past 8 months until funny things started happening. Please believe me, I know how crazy this sounds, but one day the neighbor upstairs started moving what we believe to be furniture. They have been doing this every day now. There is one hitch. When ever I walk someplace in the apartment the neighbor upstairs moves whatever piece of furniture in the direction I had just walked. I thought this was kind of odd. After a while, I realized this was done every time I walked to another part of the room. I could not figure out why this was so. In time I realized that every time the piece of furniture was moved above me I started to feel hot. It felt like a microwave was put overhead. This has been going on for a while. Again I contacted the FBI and told them in somewhat vivid detail what was going on. Again, they told me to contact my local police precinct. I would figure with this kind of a complaint, or a story such as this, it would spark even a little interest to see what the h@*! is going on. At the moment, because of what's going on I do not think I can make it any more. I consider myself to be a fairly reasonable individual with a number of college degrees. I pay my taxes, and make an honest living. Why is this happening to me? I know have not walked on the level all of my life. I have never murdered, raped, or robbed anyone. I am just looking for someone to take me serious and look into my matter. I do not know where else to turn and I just want answers. If I cannot get answers, I at least want it to stop. Is there anyway you can help me?
Try contacting the following... 20.Feb.2007 08:51

free human being

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center
520 SW 6th Ave., Suite 1050
Portland, Oregon 97205
Fax: 503-295-6415

Also try any of these:
the Belmont Law Center at 503-234-2694 (they are local activist lawyers that have helped many people in the past. They are located in SE Portland)

or the ACLU at 503-227-3186.

They might be able to help you. Also, if you can video tape or take pictures of any of the cars that are following you or have someone do it for you, it would be extremely helpful. Try setting up a video camera or web cam to record any strange activity.

If you are an activist or have been involved with any organizations or have been outspoken about an issue (antiwar, social justice etc.) this can happen to you. It is a tactic used by Police or even the FBI to intimidate you. If for some reason they have singled you out, they use such tactics.

I am not sure of your exact situation, but the above contacts might be able to help you or direct you to people who can.

Any numbers on the unmarked cars can also help. Usually they have numbers on the roof or behind the rear view mirror. All police cars have a number to identify them. License plates or anything. That way you can file a complaint.

My personal advise... file complaints with the police department, so at least they are documented and keep copies of them. Contact a lawyer if you know of one, or at least contact any or all of the above numbers I listed.

It sure sounds like they are trying to mess with you for some reason. Continue to be outspoken. Document as much as you can. If you can go to any local newspaper and have them write an article about your situation or even investigate it, this can help stop the intimidation.

Maybe start filling complaints about your neighbor above you??? If he is moving things all the time then you can start complaining to the manager or even call the police and file complaints. Make sure you keep the names and budge numbers of all police officers involved in filling the complaint. Time of the reports or when you call the police or make a complaint. Keep as much detailed information as you can.

Get copies of them and the notes of the officers as soon as they are available. You can go to the police department and request them. They don't cost much. There is a form you can fill out and turn it in and they will give you copies of officer notes and filed reports on your issue. That way if the police is not doing their job you have a record of it. Always have witnesses when you do any of these.

Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us updated.

re: surveillance, 20.Feb.2007 10:50


Number one: take a breather.

If some agency or another really is watching you, there is not much you can do. However, chewing yourself up with anxiety and worry won't do you any good. Relax. Surveillance is a really frightening experience, but it's best to avoid caving in to their psychological environment. If you have reason to believe that you can be charged with crimes related to evidence from surveillance, or if you simply want to light a fire under their collective ass, then get a lawyer.

Regarding theft of property, keep your wallet on you, ok?

Regarding movement following you around the house, surveillance equipment is sophisticated enough that no one needs to trace your movements, let alone lug around some furniture sized piece of hardware to the exact place you happen to stand. In this case, you likely have an eccentric neighbor.

Take some time off from your normal activities. Take up an enjoyable hobby/project that has nothing to do with social issues and get your mind on something else. Just for a change in pace.

Keep this in mind, their is nothing they can do to you that you're not already doing to yourself. You are obviously not enjoying life very much, and seem preoccupied with the doings of persons you cannot identify, and whose motives seem, at the least, a bit vague.

At last, people are harassed, controlled, watched, tracked, imprisoned, tortured, and/or otherwise abused by governments all over the world at every moment of every day. For those that I know, the only solace is the relationships we have with each other. So, throughout the ordeal you're going through, remember to lean on your friends. Listen to them.

You're not alone 20.Feb.2007 13:22

Jody Paulson

I've had similar experiences [  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/09/296845.shtml ].

I've touched on this subject quite a bit on portland indymedia. You can find lots of articles about the "less lethal" technology that sounds like is being used on you on by browsing the technology pages.

They Can Try to Control Us

Weapons of the New World Order

It also sounds like you are being gangstalked. Eleanor White has websites dedicated to this kind of torture and harassment. Check out  link to www.multistalkervictims.org . Greg Szymanski writes a lot this kind of thing on his arcticbeacon.com website:

Government Use of Microwave Weaponry Is Zapping People To Death
Nancy Taormina, 53, of Spokane, adds her name to the growing list of people being electronically harassed. Unable to sleep, she claims to be imprisoned in her own house.

Microwave Weaponry Used on Montana Carpenter and 9/11 Researcher for 'Getting Too Close to Who Knows What'
Dan Nelson says he's not sure exactly what piece 9/11 evidence he uncovered triggered the government assaults, but says once he tried to go public, 'all hell broke loose.'

Microwave Weaponry and Covert Government Harassment Used on Many Average Americans

I confess I don't know quite what to do about it either, except that meditation and anything that combines physical and spiritual practice like yoga, tai chi, qi gong (anything that helps cultivate subtle energy, frankly) should be of enormous help to you. There is no question the technology exists, yet people are reluctant to believe it's actually being used covertly on private citizens. But ask yourself: why *wouldn't* the people with access to this technology experiment on private citizens, if their ultimate goal is to use it to suppress freedom of speech, assembly, etc.?

Yes, 20.Feb.2007 13:45


I agree the stalking could be real. And these are all good tips - especially to lean on your friends and family. Do not let yourself become isolated. Think about moving into a group home where you will have lots of help.

As you keep a log of occurences, also list the other people who are with you. Witnesses will help you in court and help you prove the reality of each event. Simply asking others, 'Did that just happen?' will go a long way in relieving your stress.

The stalking can also be 'not real'. Please consider a mental health check-up even if you believe you are sane. A close family member lost himself in exactly this kind of delusional thinking for years and no one could convince him otherwise until the day he took his own life.

Credentials 20.Feb.2007 15:06


What are your credentials, x? What do you do?

Set Yourself Free 20.Feb.2007 20:14

delusional activist

Quite a while ago, I suffered from the "delusion" that I was under surveillence. I believed I saw clear evidence of it. To date, I do not know whether it was real or not. I was so flipped out that I accepted heavy medication from psychiatrists who were sure I needed to be hospitalized.

After a while I calmed down. One psychiatrist told me that when I was better, I would know it was a delusion. So either I'm not better or it wasn't a delusion.

But what I wanted to share with the author is that the way I was able to return to functioning was to finally tell myself that if they were watching me, I didn't care. One psychiatrist asked me why I contined to do things that would bring attention to myself if I didn't want that attention. However, instead of quitting activism, I accepted in my heart that I may be watched and I emotionally allowed it.

I don't know if that is any help. If you are feeling like I was, I was so unnerved that my life was virtually distroyed. I felt like a mouse in someone's laboratory experiment. Unfortunately, I have come to accept that any of us may be under surveillance at all times. It's a strange thought, but it set me free.

I apologize for a couple of the links I posted ... 21.Feb.2007 09:59

Jody Paulson

I have limited time on the Internet and don't *always* read through the links I provide ... I just got around to reading the first couple of links from Greg Szymanski and one of the guys he talks about has some pretty weird ideas about 9-11, to say the least. So yeah, there's a lot of disinformation out there, and there are people who have serious mental problems that naturally latch onto conspiracy theories and that muddies the waters as well.

But the point I'd like to make in *my* case, is that someone who has a history of getting good grades in college, having friends and holding a steady job doesn't suddenly become unemployably schizophrenic in their thirties. Cynthia McKinney held six terms in congess. Now suddenly everyone thinks she's a kook. Dr. Steven Jones was a very well respected physics professor at BYU, and now some people want to paint him as a crank. Michael Ruppert, author of a bestselling book "Crossing the Rubicon" just went through what seems to be a mental and physical melt-down  http://fromthewilderness.com/members/110206_living_mike.php . What's the common denominator here? A willingness and a certain effectiveness towards debunking the "official story" of 9-11. Not that I place myself anywhere close to the caliber of those other people, but if you wanted to experiment on someone I'd be a pretty good guinea pig, living alone as I do and not having an established career or connections. You can judge for yourself how articulate I am on these matters:  http://fromthewilderness.com/members/110206_living_mike.php . What's the common denominator here? A willingness and a certain effectiveness towards debunking the "official story" of 9-11. Not that I place myself anywhere close to the caliber of those other people, but if you wanted to experiment on someone I'd be a pretty good guinea pig, living alone as I do and not having an established career or connections. You can judge for yourself how articulate I am on these matters:  link to radio4all.net

If you have a political opponent, short of locking them up you'd want to destroy their credibility. Making them look crazy is one way to do it.