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Cheat sheet for our war with Eurasia

Or are we at war with Eastasia...
Cheat sheet for those having trouble keeping up with current events (yes this is noticeably incomplete but I think it's a good start):

Under Reagan:
Shiites in Iran - bad guys (Muslim fundamentalists, fighting secularists in Iraq)
Shiites in Iraq - bad guys (Muslim fundamentalists allied with Iran)
Sunnis in Iraq - good guys (secularists fighting Iran's fundamentalists)
Mujahideen (including the Taliban) - good guys (fighting Russia and Iran)
Northern Alliance - bad guys (fighting the Taliban, allied with Iran)
Saudi Arabia - good guys (repressive despotic government but friendly with the US)
Osama Bin Laden - ??? (CIA backed in Afghanistan against Russia which was good, but opposed to Hussein's government in Iraq and US military bases in Saudi Arabia which was bad)

Under Bush Jr:
Shiites in Iran - bad guys (though they like the US invasion of Iraq)
Shiites in Iraq - good guys (fundamentalist majority backed by the US)
Sunnis in Iraq - bad guys (secularist minority fighting the fundamentalist government)
Taliban (one faction of Mujahideen) - bad guys (refused to build Unocal pipeline)
Northern Alliance - good guys (fighting the Taliban, allied with Iran, restored the Opium trade)
Saudi Arabia - good guys (despite being the home of most of the alleged 9/11 hijackers and financiers)
Osama Bin Laden - ??? (alleged mastermind behind 9/11 attacks which is bad, but not so bad that any serious effort has been taken to apprehend him)
al Queda in Macedonia - good guys
al Queda allied with the Northern Alliance - good guys
al Queda anywhere else - bad guys
1984 past due 19.Feb.2007 20:43

oh well

Britania was at war with Eurasia. Britannia had always been at war with Eurasia...