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Schumacher Furs owner plans to close store permanently

Gregg Schumacher said today he plans to close the 112-year-old family fur business for good.

"Try though we might, we have been unable to get any support from the Portland Police Bureau, the mayor or the City Council in enforcing the laws that are meant to protect us all," he said in a news release.
Animal rights protesters have targeted Schumacher Furs and Outerwear at Southwest Ninth Avenue and Morrison Street for more than a year.

Portland city leaders have said that Schumacher has failed to do all he could to help his own cause, for example, taking part in city sponsored mediation with protest organizers.

Schumacher's news release says he has tried to move the store outside city limits and to a mall environment. But a "targeted intimidation campaign aimed at mall ownership and management" has resulted in several late-stage cancellations, the release says. So he has nowhere to go and will close the store.



Thank you everyone who has participated in the outreach effort!!!! Well done!!!!! And thanks to all of our fellow citizens who have made compassionate shopping choices.

A Good Sign for Portland 19.Feb.2007 16:14


Nice work everyone. If I remember correctly, one mall didn't want him, not because of protesters, but because the owner can't condone that business.

Hey, Greg. If you're reading this, I'm sorry that the weight of history has come down on your shoulders. Be a good sport and remember that we all want to move toward a more ethical society. The time for vanity fur has long been over--your business in Portand has been on borrowed time for a while now. At least those carcasses won't be proudly parading the streets of Portland any longer. The culture has shifted.

Yahoo 19.Feb.2007 17:08

Margeret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world . .

Excellent work 19.Feb.2007 17:36

Eric B

What a victory for organized, peaceful protesting! So who's next on the list? Nordstom's, Sac's, or that ridiculous Goodwill boutique on 10th?

YES! 19.Feb.2007 19:12


This is a history changing moment! Congrats, everyone!

Thanks Protestors and Public 19.Feb.2007 21:43


Thanks to the protestors that showed up each weekend in the worst weather to speak for the animals that died for Schumacher Furs. Also thanks to the public that watched the undercover videos of animals being skinned alive, took leaflets, chose to shop compassionately, etc. What the Schumachers hate to admit is that it was not just the protestors that shut them down it was the people of Portland that chose to listen to the message.

terrorists? 20.Feb.2007 06:46

sadder but wiser

And from today's Oregonian:  link to www.oregonlive.com

"Monday afternoon, Schumacher, who has announced his intent to sue the city, referred phone calls to McWilliams & Co., a Portland public relations firm. But his announcement, titled "Furrier Forced Out of Business By Violent Eco-Terrorist Protests," showed that he wasn't surrendering gently."

I guess it takes a PR firm to come up with crap like "Violent Eco-Terrorist" in relation to protests.

Let's wait and see. 20.Feb.2007 08:51


First, I don't trust a word out of Gregg Schumacher's mouth. I'll believe that when I see the doors shuttered permanently and the animal carcasses out of the windows.

It's interesting that Schumacher claims the animal rights people contacted the mall ownership to keep them out, but the mall managers deny that.

Perhaps the reason they're closing and not moving is that fur is an unsustainable business in the 21st Century. In our grandparents' (and even parents') generation, a fur was seen as a status symbol, a sign that someone has been successful in life. Now, it's an anachronism - a sign that you are well behind the times, both in fashion and in morals.

Today's Oregonian actually 20.Feb.2007 12:30


made clear what a lie Gregg Schumacher's statement was about the "intimidation campaign" - by going to those who were supposedly "indimidated." Those mall owners are puzzled by Gregg's accusations. However, the Oregonian, the Tribune and others first (and some continue to) posted the story with the unfounded allegations, and if you look on the web it is full of people who are eager to claim the baseless accusations as fact, with no evidence whatsoever...
 link to www.oregonlive.com

Schumachers fur giveaway/ closing doors or? 21.Feb.2007 09:17


First of all I haven't had access to the computer for quite awhile and as I was reading through 2006 about the Fur giveaway and someone wondering if it was true that the fur was only valued at $3,-$4,000. is completely true. I should know I am related to the winner. The person that wrote the article wondered about how Schumacher would handle their taxes if in fact it is true that the Kptv/ Schumacher fur was appraised at only that amount but advertised contest said it was a value of $27,000.! I also would like to know what they intend to do. I personally was there to hear two appraisals on this fur and I can tell you it is true and that it was a Schumacker ripoff! My relative never had intention to wear it because we also don't believe in the wearing of real fur, however her intention was to donate it to help maybe a childrens fund or a place in need. Needless to say that she is embarrased by the donation. Kptv Says that you have to realize it is Retail Value! Where does anyone get off marking a $2,000. item up to $27,000, except Schumacher. What a farce!!!! Secondly I was watching their ad on TV today and The Schumacher ad said closing their doors forever! Does anyone know if that is true? I Sincerely believe it is just one more lie, but I can dream that it is true.. However they have a website under constuction so maybe they are selling via internet or setting up somewhere under another name???? Just a thought

The lie about the 27,000 dollar fur 22.Feb.2007 16:21

the winner

The contest was a lie, the sleezy slime ball greg pulled a fast one on the winner.giving coat between the value of 2,500 and 3,000. she is trying to get him to fix the problem and make it right even willing to take the coat back for a settlement, but the prick will not even give her the time of the day.She plans to take legal advice.not even fox 12 wan't to resolve the issue.I and winner wa'nt to burn the thing infront of his sleezy face...

Does the winner have to pay 22.Feb.2007 18:22


taxes on the full cost of the coat or something?

Consider donating the coat to PETA or the Audubon society, who will use the coat for disaster relief in 3rd world countries (PETA) or for orphaned baby animals (Audubon) (some of whom are probably orphaned because their mothers were trapped for the fur industry). It's probably a tax write-off then.

Gregg is a sleazy character, no doubt.

Yes taxing on $27,000 23.Feb.2007 08:56


I happen to know that they will be taxing on the "gift" of $27,000. as opposed to the appraised value of $2-$4 thousand. After all they said was you have to understand Retail value. What a ripoff, I mean markup!! I would like to know if when you enter a contest for an Item advertised as a $27,000 trip or car for instance, and then when you pick it up you go to find out that you are going on a trip alright via Greyhound, or when you pick up your prize car valued at $27,000.. you get there and they are waiting there with a beatup pinto? Can they really get away with using the excuse that the person just doesn't understand the retail world? Hmmmm Kptv and Schumacher you both have culpability in this situation for trying to put it off on the "retail world". Maybe it's time for Meridith corporation who owns Kptv, Womans Day magazine amongst others, and several other tv stations to know what is going on. Hmmm I wonder how it would be to contact other tv stations like Channel 8 to check into these allegations? And if so I am sure the winner is ready willing and able.

feb 20th 2007 press release 25.Feb.2007 15:30


I was looking up Schumachers on the internet search engine and came across a press release from the Fur Commision dated Feb. 20 2007. (www.furcommission.com). I am new to this and was wondering after anyone reads it what they think about it. Definetly they are on Schumachers side no doubt! Especially since it looks like they have money to lose if Schumacher closes. Also they are interested in people joining them? Ha!

believe it when you see it 01.Mar.2007 11:23


I've been in the grassroots A/R scene for over almost two decades and I can only say this: Believe it when it happens. Its been a common tactic of fur stores that have been heavily campaigned against to claim that they will close, only to ease some of the pressure from them. Make the activists think that they've won, then come back. It demoralizes the campaign and sometimes it cannot bounce back. Many stores have "Closing Sales" for years. All coats are on a "Liquidation Sale" and customers think they are getting a deal. Putting a sign in the window saying that thay are closing, is not the same as actually closing the sotre for good. If you want the store to close, you can't let up...if you stop thinking that you've won, and in a year find out that its not actually closing, you may not have the same amount of people willing to go at it again.

I'd also have to say to whomever thinks that fur is unaccepted in today's society...you are wrong. The fur industry is huge right now, and retail sales are higher than ever in many parts of the world. Optimistic activists say it is a trend that will die soon, but there is really no basis for that. You only need to get out of the bubbles most activists live in...or cetain so called 'progressive' cities to see that the majority or people, while they might have an opinion on the subject, really could care less. Portland has never been a big market for fur coats...obviously since there's only one real fur store aside from the department chains. Closing the place down is great, but won't neccessarily have an impact on how many mink and foxes are killed each year. It's too bad there aren't more people active in areas where the situation is different...Chicago, New York, Toronto, etc... I guess it's alot more overwhelming to try and campaign against fur in a city of 10 million, whith over 50 independent stores and outlets, and just as many department store salons.

to aksjdfh 04.Mar.2007 00:17


Clearly you aren't in Portland and going to these protests, because they haven't let up. Protesters bring just as much energy to them now as they did 1 year ago. The only people who say, "Why are you still going?" are people who have not been involved in the campaign. Other activists should be interested in taking some advice from us: this didn't happen by fluke.

I don't think the reason this doesn't happen in other cities is because it's more "intimidating." I think to the extent that it doesn't, that activists in other places have either decided to focus on other things, or are just not committed to the abundant work it takes to organize and attend a weekly protest that can last over 5 hours. It's taken time, money, and a huge amount of effort. Each protest is a production, not simply a few people showing up with signs. I think people who don't go have been very eager to downplay this, or call it a fluke of some kind, rather than acknowledge or learn about the huge amount of effort and dedication that people have put into it.