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The Planet Can No Longer Afford Americans!

If Americans don't "stop going to work"
The Planet Can No Longer Afford Americans!

By Lloyd Hart

If Americans don't "stop going to work" and reduce their carbon foot print (by far the largest one on the planet), focussing their labors strictly on food production and distribution and of course environmental reclamation, reestablishing wet lands and forests etc. I think we must begin to consider the idea of exterminating them. After all, their life style and their control of global economy is now threatening all life on this planet.

Yes I know, we will possibly release a great deal of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere by wiping out 300,000,000 Americans. However, not if we capture the carbon dioxide and methane and use them both in the extermination process. We can use their enclosed sports arenas and stadiums to capture not only the green house gases but their precious bodily fluids that we can use for wetland reclamation while at the same time create an enormous amount of top soil by composting their bodies. We can use the carbon dioxide we capture from the trucks we use to transport them to gas them to death in the large shower and locker rooms where we will save a great deal of labor by getting them to take off their own clothes. We can then compost them in the large open areas in these sports arenas and stadiums where, because methane weighs less than air can then be captured at the top in the ceiling area and then used as fuel in the machinery that will be needed to transport the Americans from their deportation camps and to create and turn the compost pile. It will take an initial carbon investment to get it going but once operational it will pay for it self in no time. Just think of all the carbon we will be able to sink thanks to all those Americans being composted into soil that can then be used to grow trees.

I know what your saying, Americans have alot of guns. Yes they do, however Americans are 65% obese and therefore can not run very fast, will exhaust themselves quickly and because they are fatter and as a result larger - they will make better targets. The Canadians, who have the best war record on the planet and more guns per capita than Americans could easily kill ten Americans to every Canadian killed in the process. Canadians are fitter and are far superior marksmen compared to Americans because Canadians still hunt for their food and Canada having 32,000,000 people compared to America's 300,000,000 - well, you do the math.

By removing Americans from the planet we will have not only reduced the American share of green house gases but we will have removed their undue influence that has imposed their wasteful car culture and vomiting energy production on the world that drives their human enslaving, environment destroying, World Bank imposed, psychotic murdering military thug enforced global economy. Just think we will be able to return to the leisurely pastoral life style of an agrarian society where we won't forget where the food and water comes from because we all live in cities.

Besides that, the Americans would want us to do it, after all didn't America invent modern Ugenics - the practice of creating a master race by exterminating the undesirable through sterilization (War Against the Weak - Edwin Black  http://hnn.us/articles/1796.html ) and didn't the Americans fund one of the largest extermination programs in modern history that IBM (IBM and The Holocaust - Edwin Black) did the bean or should i say the Jew counting for - that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis directed against anyone who had a single thought of human rights but was primarily directed against Jews, Gypsies, Eastern Europeans, Communists, Socialists Anarchists and Gays and oh yeah, the European economy, which Americans really hated because they didn't control it.

Henry Ford and the Jews - Neil Baldwin  link to www.publicaffairsbooks.com

How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power  link to www.prisonplanet.com

Even President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt personally participated by preventing two boat loads of Jews from landing in America in 1939 and anywhere else for that matter, well except Germany of course. Where they were all murdered by the way.

No, the Americans that wanted to rule the world, halt Jewish migration to America and who hated poor people would be proud of this idea. If they saw how fat and corrupt Americans have become I am sure they would see that their dreams of a master race have totally failed and would have turned to this idea as well. With America consuming 40% of the worlds resources and yet only representing 4% of the worlds population there are alot of people starving and resentful of Americans that would volunteer for the project right away.

There would however be a carbon camp exemption for African Americans, Jews, Native Americans (which includes the Latinos), real Communists, Socialists, Anarchists and immigrant Canadians as Canadians will be most likely to win the management contract as they have proven to be able to keep their own population low and healthy and of course they are right there, just north of the target.

I have sent this idea to the U.N. Security council for debate, so please join me in this call to save the planet and most importantly us, by implementing a final solution to global warming and climate change. Thank you.

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