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Solidarity with the General Strike in Guinea!

Eight days after its official beginning, the general strike continues in Guinea. The production of C.G.B, the second leading Bauxite producer in the world, has been halted, the workers also having stopped the trains carrying ore, while the production of the other consortium continues to grind towards a halt (provoking incendiary inflation in the prices of bauxite and aluminum on the world market). All economic activities are paralysed.
To break the movement and to crush the demonstrations, the assassin regime of president-general Conté has resorted to an inhuman repression murdering more than 60 people by Saturday. Martial law and curfew orders (full emergency powers to the army, prohibition of all demonstrations and gatherings, closing of independent radio stations and cybercafés, etc.) were issued Monday and the sinister "red Berets" commanded by Conté's son, as well as Liberian combatants, have multiplied their atrocities: arrests, torture, massacres.
But the mutiny at the main military camp in the capital of Conakry is revealing the weakness of the regime which could not resist a long general strike.
In spite of that the trade-union chiefs agreed this Thursday 15 February to negotiate with the employers and the military leadership, whereas the day before they refused to negotiate under terror! They gave up the demand for the removal of Conté and his government, a demand they had raised with much hue and cry on February 11 so as not to be overwhelmed after the spontaneous resumption of the movement and the demonstrations. Now they ask only for the appointment of a new Prime Minister: it was already with the promise of such an appointment that they had decided on January 27 to cease the general strike begun 18 days earlier! There is scarcely any doubt that they are preparing to sabotage the struggle once again, if the Guinean workers are not able to equip themselves with an independent class organization capable of counteracting their manoeuvres.
The Guinean proletarians and masses have already paid a heavy tribute suffering repression by a regime which not only defends the interests of a small clique, but the general interests of capitalism and imperialism. Their cause is that of the workers of the whole world, their fight against repression and bourgeois exploitation must receive the support of all those who fight against capitalism and imperialism. To begin with by opposing the threat of military intervention brandished by French authorities who have just sent a battleship to the area and have declared that their soldiers were ready to intervene from nearby Gabon.
Stop French support for the Conté regime!
Withdrawal of French military advisers!
Close all French military bases on the continent!
Imperialism out of Africa!

Solidarity with the General Strike in Guinea until Victory!

International Communist Party 19/02/2007
Correspondence: Editions Programme, 3 rue Basse Combalot 69007 Lyon, France