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take the flags from hawthorne

giant flags and poles on hawthorne are just waiting for you to take them.
it seems like every imperialist holiday, the boy scouts put flags in the little holes in the sidewalk along hawthorne. this president's day is no exception. need flags to burn? poles for other purposes? please take them away.

I wish you would 19.Feb.2007 09:47

I really do

Those rags could be used for so many more useful things!

Can you turn them upside down? 19.Feb.2007 09:59



Tactics 19.Feb.2007 11:34

Lucy Parsons

The flags gross me out, too. But it's hard to think of what to do with them that wouldn't engender a surge of patriotism in the average American's heart. I like the idea of turning them upside down -- that might be more likely to be seen as a statement rather than as an attack.

Other creative ideas?

the definitive answer 19.Feb.2007 11:50


REPLACE THEM with the obvious
Cascadia Flag
Cascadia Flag

They're good for something 19.Feb.2007 13:25



TP 19.Feb.2007 22:11

Peace Now!

I cut the cotton ones into little square toilet paper pieces, to remind me of what BushCo has done to the Constitution.

Replace them with trees! 19.Feb.2007 22:56


Put back the trees and turn off the lights. No flag pollution, no light pollution, no utility pole pollution. Anyone caught vandalising the trees will have to do tree planting service.