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Greet Senators Wyden and Smith Monday at 6pm,

Monday, February 19th
6 PM
Corner of SW Jefferson and 15th at KGW
Both Oregon Senators will be in town on Monday night for a live televised "Ask you Senator" event at KGW. This is an invitation only town hall type meeting but apparently no one from the peace community was invited.

We don't think it's right that the Seantors are unwilling to have a discussion with their constituents unless they were invited and their questions vetted. Several of us peace activists have been talking about greeting the Senators and the audience guests outside the KGW studios.

There is a high probability that the No War Drum Corp will be joining us and we thought it would be great to bring pots and pans in a salute to Molly Ivins. Let's make some noise and tell our Senators that they must stop funding the occupation of Iraq and bring the troops home NOW!

Monday, February 19th
6 PM
Corner of SW Jefferson and 15th

Please pass this on to your lists

The news 19.Feb.2007 18:16


on channel 8 says says the Town Hall begins at 7:00.

I would assume 19.Feb.2007 18:30


That the actual event starts at 7 but the doors open at 6.

We had more people demonstrating than we saw go in!! 19.Feb.2007 23:51



We had a great showing of about 30+ people, made up of PPRC, Code Pink, Surge Protection Brigade, the Surging Grannies, and other groups in the peace movement that I am not fully versed on! It seemed like two groups of people entered by the driveway area where we all were making a helluva lot of noise, and neither group seemed larger than about 12-15 people. Led by the No War Drum Corps, we tried to keep a persistent drumbeat up to match our chants demanding defunding of the "war", some honesty from Gordon Smith, and some commitment from DeFazio.

Some dweeb came out when people got too close to the main door with bullhorns and warned people this was their first warning, yada, yada, yada. The police arrived, three cars strong, but the cops from the first two were pretty cool, and just asked that the bullhorns be exchanged for old-fashioned megaphones...so we got one of those and kept making noise.

Hopefully, people will fill in the blanks...


Forgot to mention Vets for Peace and the Impeachment movement!! 20.Feb.2007 10:12


Complete bonehead move...sorry! No further comments surprises me?!?!

Any news from 20.Feb.2007 10:56

the inside?

Anyone corner the slimos on the war in their questioning?

Let Us In! 20.Feb.2007 11:11


I have some photos of the action here:  http://peacegonewild.blogspot.com/

Let Us In! 20.Feb.2007 11:18


I have some photographs of last night's event here:  http://peacegonewild.blogspot.com/

I have seen no press...pls. post if you find some~ 20.Feb.2007 15:20


Loved the pics and additional write-up of the event, Janet!

Protest mentioned on air to Senators. Protesting can change the world. 20.Feb.2007 19:59


I recorded the show on Ch. 8

The protest was mentioned by one of the facilitators when Smith was trying to avoid a question on Iraq. The question asked the Senators what "actions" they would take to end the war. The person asking the questions said he was tired of "talk". The reporter clearly made Smith address the defunding issue. The reporter clearly stated why the protesters outside the TV studio had the message to: "Defund the War".

Wyden and Smith did not give clear answers on any future actions they will take.

I could not make it to the studio at 6pm but I applaud everyone who made it there. It put the Senators on very public record as being spineless on the defund the war question.

Cheers to all you out there!

Thanks for the heads up and the good news!! 20.Feb.2007 21:33


I was talking to someone during the demonstration about how unlikely it seemed that a Democratic Senator would assent to the GOP over-filtering and vetting of an audience, so I am glad to hear a voice of reason and truth broke through, if indeed, the audience controls were designed to keep out any serious questions!!

For a few moments, I had the bullhorn, and it was right when the first group of young people had lined up at the door, presumably to be screened for weapons, etc. Some of them seemed like they supported our cause, to get the Senators to "Defund the War". I forget if I used the bullhorn, or since I was fairly close, maybe just yelled a few times, "ASK THE TOUGH QUESTIONS...DON'T BE A PAWN!!" Don't know if anyone heard me, but I think it's great that Smith and Wyden were forced to acknowledge our demonstration, though they did so in a pitiful, weak-kneed way!!

I hope to be able to find that footage somewhere! Thanks for the info and the kudos!!