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Third Planet Report with hippielawyer Alan Graf

Link to the Third Planet Report from the Farm in Summertown TN with host Alan Graf--former Portlander-still causing trouble in the heartland
Tue, 13 February 2007
Third Planet Report 2/13/07
This week's Third Planet Report with host hippielawyer Alan Graf features the following:

1. Interview with Eric Seitz, attorney for Lt. Erin Watada who is undergoing courtmartial proceedings for his act of conscience in deciding not to serve in Iraq;

2. Interview with Peter Erlinder, attorney for Sami Al-Arian, who has been in US prison for over four years for alleged crimes involving his rights of free speech, that he has never been found guilty of;

3. Albert Bates, founder of the Eco-Village training center on his new book Petroleum Survival Guide and cookbook;

4. Ina May Gaskin, world renowned midwife on the state of health care in this country; and

5. The Kibbitz Korner with Neal and Alan

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Can be downloaded at http:\\hippielawyer.libsyn.com

or www.hippielawyer.com

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homepage: homepage: http://www.hippielawyer.com

Topic #1 - Lt Watada's Lawyer Explains Mistrial Situation 13.Feb.2007 23:42

Joe Anybody

this pod cast download is here::  link to media.libsyn.com

on the site mentioned in original post is about an hour long audio recording by Alon who is interviewing various guests...all worth hearing (it is dated 2-13-07)

The first topic is an interview with Lt Watada's attorney, Eric Seitz
This 2-13-07
its nice to get information about this case we all are watching closely and explained by Watada's lawyer himself.

It sounds like the military judge screwed up ..... and was not intending to by any means!!! ooppps!