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0212 Get This

Summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, February 12th, 2007.
02/12/07 Get This
sui generis

1. You Break It, You Own It: Remember a year or so ago when Oregonians repelled unwelcome advances on the part of shipbreakers? Well, the "Ghost Fleet" is still hovering offshore. Two coastal lawmakers have introduced a bill that would make contained dry-docks mandatory for shipbreakers in Oregon. No to that. The companies will find a way around the rules and when "accidents happen", they will weasel out of their responsibility by citing the rule. That's how it works. There are very good reasons why shipbreaking is unwanted worldwide... .
2. Fishing for Privatization: An advisory council says Clatsop County should remain in charge of the 30-year-old net-pen fisheries program that raises and releases salmon around Astoria. But the sharks are circling...
3. Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith: Together again. While the Patriot Act is still bludgeoning civil liberties at home and bad foreign policy is bludgeoning American soldiers abroad, and voters are demanding that their elected representatives fucking represent them and oppose Bush's troop "surge", Smith & Wyden are once more introducing a bill to protect Mt. Hood wilderness.
4. The Deals On The Bus Go 'Round and 'Round... .:Bend, Oregon has been hoodwinked out of $256 thousand dollars by a sleazy California used bus salesman.
5. Officials with Fish & Wildlife have published their proposal to delist the gray wolf in the northern Rocky Mountains. (Idea: Delist people. They breed too fast, are deadly predators and have been protected by the government for far, far too long... .)
6. A lawsuit filed by environmental and public advocacy groups is going to lower benzene emissions and other pollutants by up to 80 percent... . in the next twenty years. So don't hold your breath... .
7. What Did She Know And When Did She Know It?: Hillary Clinton has been dodging the really hard questions in New Hampshire and the convention hasn't even happened yet. Voters want to know why she voted to give Bush limitless power to wage war (The answer, of course, is AIPAC.). Clinton says that she wouldn't have, had she known then what she knows now. But in the run-up to the war literally thousands of credible sources, presented evidence that Iraq was utterly crippled by years of deadly sanctions and had no "WMD's"... What exactly is it that Clinton knows now that she did not know before?
8. Barak Obama officially announced he's running.
9. Washington-based intelligence analyst Vincent Cannistraro says that despite what Robert Gates and George Bush says, the Pentagon well on its evil blood-soaked path to attacking Iran. (The final touch will be the 'Gulf of Tonkin' "incident" that precipitates the next attack. But what the hell... the rest of the world loathes America and Americans anyway... ..)
10. Senate Democrats poked feebly at Pentagon officials for insisting to the White House in the months before the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein had direct links to al-Qaeda - despite serious doubts within the intelligence community.
11. The administration says that it's going to go ahead and put part of its missile defense shield in Central Europe. (The Europeans have little to fear - the thing doesn't work anyway.) Robert Gates told concerned EU leaders that Bush's Big Erection was harmless, and "for their good", for the protections of "our friends and allies", forgetting that America has no "friends" and those "allies" that remain, do so only out of fear of reprisals...
12. The US says that Iran is arming Iraqis. (And I say that the US armed both of them up to the teeth... )
13. Faust Rules Harvard: Harvard University has named historian Drew Gilpin Faust as its first female president. The former president Laurence Summers departed leaving a noxious cloud of remarks about women's' inferiority to men.
14. And another employment shake-up: The head of the Cartoon Network has resigned over a marketing stunt, which triggered a terror alert in Boston. (Here's thought: Let's fire everyone who is still too stupid to realize that their own nation has been hijacked by Company Men... )
15. In Iraq today, on the anniversary of the bombing of the Golden Dome in Samarra, bombs went off all over Baghdad during the 15 minutes of silence held in mourning for the holy site.
16. Spy vs. Spy: Vladimir Putin warned that the United State's increased use of military force is creating a new arms race, with smaller nations turning toward developing their own nukes as a deterrent to the might of American Empire. (And Putin - a lifelong KGB man himself - knows a little something about how geopolitics works, I daresay... .)
17. Robert Gates, also a lifelong spook, said, "One cold war is enough." (Presumably, hot ones are A-Okay with the US as far as Gates was concerned... )
18. US forces shot and killed a civilian contract truck driver near an airbase North of Baghdad - No guessing here: He worked for KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton -
19. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad marked the 25th anniversary of his nation's revolution yesterday by pledging to pursue a domestic nuclear program. (Iranians have been stockpiling food and survival equipment for months now. As always, the American public, still held in the thrall of FOX news, won't know what hit them until the dust settles.)
20. Ever the "peacemakers" of the Middle East, the persecuted Israelis conducted a missile test. The particular missile it tested is the Arrow anti-missile missile, developed specifically to hit Iran. (Well done Hillary: This is where your unflagging support for Israel and AIPAC's unflagging support for you has taken the world... .)
21. Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, the Israeli government has approved the excavation of one of Islam's holiest sites.
22. Monsanto used Britain as a toxic waste disposal.
23. China has executed a Uighur activist. (These people have been fighting for decades for their independence. Alas, had they not begun an independence movement, China would never have known they were there, so remote is their homeland... ..)
24. In France, socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal is struggling to overcome a drop in polls after her two months of "listening."
25. Nine people have been shot in one of Rio de Janeiro's most dangerous favelas.
26. A 'Hallmark' Moment: And in Britain, men will be able to buy Viagra over the counter on Valentine's Day.

It's not AIPAC 12.Feb.2007 15:35


"Voters want to know why she voted to give Bush limitless power to wage war (The answer, of course, is AIPAC.)."

The obvious answer is not AIPAC, although AIPAC deserves all the condemnation we can throw at it. The obvious answer is that Hillary is ideologically similar to Bush. Bill and Al tortured and killed hundreds of thousands with their "sanctions" and they were committed to "regime change" in Iraq long before Bush was nonelected. If AIPAC's goals were antithetical to the corporate and state hegemonists that dwarf it in power and wealth, AIPAC would be history. Do you really think that Raytheon, Boeing, et al are unable to overcome a lobby that threatens their profits? Wake up.

news on the hour 12.Feb.2007 22:14

joe anybody

Is there screaming in the news room?