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Anchors aweigh!

active duty required
Dear US Navy friends:

I don't have to tell you that you're being set up. You know it in your guts. Sure, the missile-destroyers and aircraft carriers have Phoenix anti-missile systems and reactive depth charge systems, et cetera, and they will certainly hit a few of the barrage of Shkvall-type supercavitating torpedoes and post-Exocet-style missiles that come their way. But that's just the point: they won't stop a barrage, not even from the Iranian's worn-out F-14s and outdated diesel submarines.

You see what is happening. The Fifth fleet is being bottled up in the Persian Gulf, not just as an air launch platform, but as a decoy. A really bloody decoy.

When the Eisenhower and/or the Stennis (or the Reagan or the Boxer or the Bataan) goes beneath the waves, they will take a substantial portion of their crews with them. And then your buddies, by the hundreds, will meet with the sailor's worst nightmare: a slow, anguished death under the waves, pressure growing greater, oxygen growing thinner, time to suffer and think of one's beloveds.

Do you ask yourselves "Will the Iranians take the bait?" It's true that they don't want to. They will suffer horribly as well. But they will not be given the choice. The current war provocations aren't working, so "Plan C" will be to simply launch an attack, while claiming it is in retaliation for an Iranian attack. That's just a reading of historic precedents, no psychic ability required.

It will work in a most excellent manner. The US public will go into the streets, howling for Iranian blood—or, rather, Bush's chimp-minded 28% will do that, and everyone else will be confused, intimidated, or arrested. The neonuts will get their war. Any resolution Congress has passed will be ignored in the "emergency." Broadcasters here will run official news only, the Net will be shut down, Northcom will be activated, and if you're off duty it won't last long—you'll be deployed, and not necessarily on a ship. Maybe you'll be better off that way, since your family will have a hell of a time buying food to feed themselves, with currency that is essentially worthless.

'Cause with the Strait of Hormuz choked off, the petrodollar will become green bits of paper.

I have an idea: put on your uniform and go into a Congressman's office, and explain the situation. Bring some shipmates. Maybe someone will take impeachment action, who knows? But you'll grind your teeth for the rest of your life, if you don't try something now.

Stop the Iran war!

Or live the Iran war.
the mid-east wars 14.Feb.2007 08:36

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

we don't have enough service members to secure the afgan-iraq war. why do the politicos think we can expand? and how are they going to treat the vets that survive? the latest are coming back and getting killed off by the vet-admin now! what use them up and them throw them into the trash-can? thats how a lot of the vets feel about the second-rate health care they get from the v.a. i'm one.

Failed Policy or Hidden Agenda 14.Feb.2007 14:01

Bob McCafferty-Patriot biotica@ptd.net

Is the Iraq War a failed war based on failed policies or is it a Hidden Agenda? From the get go, and before, I said that Bush would destroy this country. When Bush cut the taxes of the rich in the summer of 2001, just before his well needed vacation in Crawford or shall I say planning session for the aftermath of 9/11, I said he will bankrupt this country. Not knowing that 9/11 was around the corner, but when it happened it all came together. He will go after any nation that does not conform to the NWO, i.e. the resources are the peoples or the states, and not the private property of some corporate (facist) bastard. Or itss central bank is not a private bank. Garner tried to set Iraq back on its feet, but he was quickly replaced by Bremmer. Bremmer created the atmosphere of the current civil war. He fired the Baathists, and disbanded the Army, but did not confiscate the weapons. Garner said that it would bring about an insurrection, but Bremmer went through with it. A little animosity was stirred up by false flag operation that an attack on the Shias got blamed on the Sunnis or vice versa. Voila! we have civil war. Well the country must be broken up into religious and ethnic enclaves, ie. smaller nation states that are less of a threat to Israel, and much easier for them to exploit. That brings me to Abba Eban's (Israel's former ambassador the UN) famous remark made in 1982 that the Middle East should be broken up into religious and ethnic entities. Gee, you don't suppose. The Pentagon or should I say the Pentagram already has a map of the Middle East as they would like to see it. Meanwhile the US goes broke, the Middle East and possibly the entire World goes into chaos, and possibly war. This of course is called by the Pentagon as Constructive Chaos or a Candy Rice says "Birth pains for the New Middle East". Then comes the North American Union with its new currency the Amero. Impeach Bush! Impeach Cheney! These two men are not only war criminals, and serial killers THEY ARE TRAITORS!

the hegelian dialectic 14.Feb.2007 14:12

samrod wetrat samrod7@yahoo.com

create a problem, offer a solution, the solution advances the agenda. however, total apocalypse does not seem to me to be much of an agenda. then again, i perhaps forget that these out-of-control-control-freaks have a very deep strain of what appears to me to be "demonic" natured self-destructiveness. unless they are to be cozied up at Mount Weather to await the onslaught of nuclear caprice the entire world will gleefully leap into, and then somehow determine how to split what's left. my supposition is as bent as what passes for their logic.
i've read so long ago about those "secret" groups whose main preoccupation is the destruction of America (the one on paper) and the emergence of that glorious New World Order. there is no doubt in my mind that this complex being is a child of a Nazi regime that never died. research bears that out, or i attract that sort of thinking to myself. i admit to being as much at fault as these "evil ones" in that i did not consistently shed light on the shaddow.
that they would set this up is no surprise to me. this is what 911 was all about...the turning point, the last coup...the eternal war against freedom. this has been breatheing down our necks for some time and unless there is a radical and far reaching awakening on this globe we will indeed have the Orwellian boot on our necks. since i suspect that i would not hold up well under torture without implicating all of you out there, it is my final wish to take the bullet in my head as i stand on my feet, middle finger in the air.
powers and principalities indeed.
but thank you so much for the VD heartwarming.

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