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Write to Earl Blumenauer, Exhort Him Again to IMPEACH!

Here's my letter from this morning. You can write one, too. Or call. You know how to reach him. Just type in Earl Blumenauer in Google.
Dear Rep. Blumenaer:

As you craftily make your political calculations to advance your career, you continue to defy your constituents and neglect your duty to impeach Bush and Cheney. Now, this dereliction of your duty is revealing consequences that may be more dangerous to the world than any posed by world leaders in history: the drumming up of illegal and nuclear war against Iran.

As you know, Bush and Cheney will criminally claim that Congress gave them the green light back in 2002 to attack any country they want to in order to "defend" our country against terrorism, and thus claim that they are acting within their rights to attack Iran so as to gain a greater grip on the Mideast and the oil.

Because they have committed crime after crime with impunity from you and the rest of the U.S.'s derelict representatives and so-called defenders of the Constitution, Bush and Cheney will rightly figure that they can once again perpetuate more crimes, this time even more serious and flagrant than ever, and not bear any consequences from Congress and the American people for doing so.

Each of Bush and Cheney's crimes becomes worse and more flagrant as you and the rest of Congress stand by and do nothing.

Rep. Blumenauer, will you continue to stand by until you are hauled off the prison and the key through away? Or will you finally summon to courage to rise above your effete political chess-playing and do your duty and impeach Bush and Cheney?
Isn't he a progressive? 12.Feb.2007 15:18


Why is there not a PGP candidate to oppose this guy? We could pick someone randomly off the streets of Portland who would be more representative of Portlanders' views than Blumenauer. Worse than the fact that he's ideologically opposed to impeachment, stopping the funding for the new war appropriation, ending support for U.S.-Israel crimes against Lebanon and Palestine, etc., is the fact that he and his agents continually try to finesse their way around these issues. Blumenauer is not a member of the Progressive Caucus, and there's a reason for that: he's not a progressive. There's also a reason he won't support the McGovern Amendment, HR 508, or the new Progressive Caucus initiative ( http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/02/354021.shtml).

Those of you in the "progressive community" who support this guy should be ashamed of yourselves.

Father Night 12.Feb.2007 15:21

Howard W. Campbell, Jr.

I've written to him many times about this and other issues, and he always finds a way to weasel out of taking responsibility.

If I were Earl I'd have to try even if it was hopeless... 12.Feb.2007 22:14

Fred Bauer

Otherwise I couldn't live with myself. The impeachment might get through the house, but the hell of it is that it would take 60 votes in the senate and even if you count Joe Lieberman the Democrats only have 51.

putting in a good word 12.Feb.2007 22:38

Joe Anybody

I too have written him and he seems to do the right thing on quite a few topics over a vast array of subjects
I know there is some issues he and I don't agree on as one might expect.
Yes I sure wish ....and I hope soon....... he will ..... stand behind the Impeachment proposition

But he has done good on numerous issues that warrant some credit his way
He was one of the few who was against the Patriot Act (if I remember correctly)

Justice is Possible 13.Feb.2007 16:03


None of us thought Nixon could be impeached either. You start out knowing that these are obvious criminals, and that their being outside of prison is a danger to the species.

There is a shift in elite opinion going on, just like there was with Nixon in the '70's. The jonbenetstream media is reporting skepicism about the Iran "intelligence", for example. This can lead to a willingness to discuss the criminal conspiracy that caused Iraq. Things can snowball. Many crimes have been committed and much evidence exists.

The votes can change when Republicans see that the population is starting to see the truth. But it must start with demands on the Democrats to begin the process rather than keeping it "off the table".