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Honey Bee Colonies Die in 22 States

health department spraying and agricultural insecicides
are having a domino effect on bees
Honey bee colonies are dying out in 22 US states, not only
because of agricultural insecticides but because of 'health' department
spraying for the scam West Nile virus and for mosquitoes. Such health
department contracts are big business.

Honey bees, besides having
intrinsic rights to their lives , fortune (honey) and honor, are necessary
for fruit tree pollination.

Associated Press, Houston Chronicle,
and other corporate media
are calling the insecticide deaths
'colony collapse disorder', a deliberately obfuscating


bees in big trouble 12.Feb.2007 09:49


this latest outbreak is much more serious than deaths from insecticides, more like a combination of parasites and microbes working synergistically. poisoned bees drop outside the hive, in these cases they abscond without trace.

holy shit, this is scarey 12.Feb.2007 10:39


Not to mention that honeybees cross pollinate tons of things keeping
allergies to a minimum; and those of us who DO have lingering allergies
can eat the honey, in order to get rid of our remaining allergies.

Keep an eye out for heightened asthma and allergy problems in all the
cities where this is happening.


What can be done? 12.Feb.2007 11:06


I would like to help the bees who visit my garden, but not sure what to do. Also, has anyone else noticed fewer earthworms lately? I garden organically, so usually my soil is full of them. But last summer, I had hardly any. Weird. There seem to be more right now, but I'm still concerned.

% % % ==> x _x x_x x_x Good reference. Thank you! 12.Feb.2007 12:04


This is truly alarming. Could global warming also be a factor here?

... 12.Feb.2007 17:34

this thing here

from what i understand about what's being called "colony collapse syndrome", scientists are finding that the affected bees have unusually high levels of bad fungi and bacteria.

i wonder if this isn't a result of stuff like bt corn pollen, perhaps round up ready pollen, or perhaps some kind of terrible side effect of insecticides or weed killers.

researchers are saying that perhaps the parasite infestations are a result of the high levels of fungi weakening the immune system of bee colonies, because the bees become too weak to conduct the neccessary house cleaning and diligence, which allows the parasites to spread and take over.

Another "Opportunity" for Technology 13.Feb.2007 00:41


The global techno-investment banker complex should be seeing this as a new sector to artificially manipulate--a new problem for which to find a solution to cash in on (and set the stage for the next problem(s), but nevermind). Something along the lines of self-pollinating or non-pollination dependent GMOs. Or producing patented Frankenseeds in corporate security controlled zones for sale to grow commodity crops that don't need to be pollinated to make fruit.

colony collapse disorder 23.Mar.2007 11:14


there are some indications that ccd might have roots in geneticly modified crops. interesting article in der speigel notes that ccd is occuring in european agricultural areas, [spain, poland, germany]

it is a real problem.....i urge readers , especially those folks in agricultural areas, to contact local press and political leadership to express concern.