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The Russian Bear rouses from Hibernation

Speaking at the Munich security conference, Vladimir Putin took the opportunity to denounce America for its pursuit of world domination. Putin's verbal attack lacked the clout the old Soviet Union once possessed, however, the message was not lost on the Americans who immediately went into recovery/spin mode regarding their hegemonic pursuits.
America's ambitions were made plain by arch-neoconservative, Richard Perle, who stated that after the fall of the Soviet Union America was perfectly positioned to impose its will onto the world - PNAC without the gloss! This 'philosophy' is shared by other rabid sociopaths of note, particularly Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Condoleezza Rice and the retired (damage is done) Donald Rumsfeld. Cheney's terminology of "taking out" regimes and leaders who obstruct America's Middle East oil supplies is indicative of a brutish approach that has resulted in a horrendous civilian death toll in Iraq.

The brutish, cowboy logic of the neo-cons is personified in the imbecile, Bush, whose repertoire of political skills amounts to the garbled mutterings of a caveman and the application of brute force! Putin merely stated what analysts and commentators have known for years, however, it was the assertion or the act of open opposition to U.S. ambitions that is worthy of some analysis. It would seem that Russia has learnt from its previous blunders in the Balkans and is now quietly but steadfastly supporting its traditional ally, Serbia, in relation to Kosovo and Serbian sovereignty.

The proposed installation of U.S. anti-missile 'defence' systems in Poland and the Czech Republic (clearly targeting Russia) may have had 'some' bearing on Putin's verbal attack on American military expansionism. It may have finally dawned on the Russian body politic that America could care less about the chaos it inflicts as long as its primary aims of securing energy reserves and preparing for all-out conflict/war with Russia and China are fulfilled. America has made no secret of the fact that it "must fight" China one day - that day would seem nearer than most anticipated. The cowboy logic of this 'town' isn't big enough for the three of us typifies the limitations of the current regime!

The facts are plain; America has expressed no interest in arriving at shared, cooperative solutions to the world's problems, it wants it all and will stop at nothing to achieve its sociopathic aims (PNAC). If we use the single criterion of civilian casualties as defining terrorist activity, the USA leads all other groups as the most criminal terrorist organisation in the world! The few thousand deaths attributed to al-Qaeda are dwarfed by the hundreds of thousands of innocent deaths the U.S. is directly responsible for in Iraq. The U.S. commits its crimes with the impunity that hegemony offers!

The Sino-Russian alliance has no choice but to face the option of an instant, decisive, overwhelming, pre-emptive response to the threat it now faces or to suffer horrendous defeat in the near future.

The psychopath MUST be eliminated. Facts speak louder than spin. The most destructive nation in the world today is AMERICA - the proof is on the nightly news, if you would care to face the ugly truth!

We are ONE.

Full english transcript of Putin speech available:
 link to cleaves.zapto.org

homepage: homepage: http://cleaves.zapto.org/clv/newswire.php?story_id=405

thousands protested in Munic against the security conference (pics+report): 12.Feb.2007 04:47


Woke from hibernation? Or... 12.Feb.2007 11:18

something else

Maybe Putin just faced a brief lull in the demanding task of building his empire of brutality. I don't know what the overall point of this post is, but the "we are one" statement at the bottom would seem to include Putin in the "we", which would be a first-person plural I, and no doubt millions of Russians and effected ethnic groups would gladly excuse ourselves from.

But maybe I misunderstood.

to the grammarian 12.Feb.2007 18:26


The "We" is the royal 'we', third person usage of the first person personal pronoun of a monarch .. how does that grab ya? ... distractions, distractions, do your best!

if anyone is captured by your distraction they deserve their lot!!

this is the truth 12.Feb.2007 19:39


Well said....reference to PNAC and the proposed Poland ( catholic torture centre extraordinaire)and Czech republic( state prostitution at its finest) anti-missile locations right next to Russia contrary to past promises...together with permanent US military bases in Central Asia ( former Soviet Union lands) together with the cancellation of the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty combined with the never-ending invasions and destruction ( Yugoslavia, Iraq,...)...how could the Russians and allies have been so naive??? the cold war NEVER ended and will not until the former USSR now largely Russia is reduced BACK to its near feudal state!....the cold war will end when the only power ever capable of challenging the American empire is extinguished permanently....and then CHINA...unless there is a Sino-Russian pact OR until the empire stops acting like one....do empires like tigers ever change their stripes ( and stars?)

to monarchist 12.Feb.2007 22:48

something else

whoa! Sorry that I upset you. Also sorry that I seem to have convinced you that I'm trying to distract the vulnerable readers of this site from your sermons. Yikes.

Really, I just wanted to understand what was meant from a post that posits one thing explicitly - that the U.S. is the most dangerous nation on the planet, which is fairly supportable - and seems to forward another thing implicitly - that Putin's anti-imperialism posturing is some kind of hopeful sign of better things to come.

And what "lot" exactly do these "distracted" people deserve?

Russian backed Armenian ethnic cleansing in the south Caucasus 13.Feb.2007 15:02

Truth hurts

What the Armenian and Russian lobby in the US doesn't want discussed:

here's a German documentary about the 1 million or so who were brutally cleansed from their native lands to make way for a satellite Russian state in the Caucasus.

 link to video.google.com

this is another world hot spot as colonial borders fail and ethnic violence grows.

Thomas Goltz wrote two books on this matter from an independent point of view:

zerbaijan Diary: A Rogue Reporter's Adventures in an Oil-Rich, War-Torn, Post-Soviet Republic


to: nicholai-the RUS 13.Feb.2007 15:13

Putin the Czar

you seemed to have mixed the USSR and Russia up.

the days of Russian hegemony in the Caucasus and greater ex-USSR are over.

The Chechen, the Azeri, the Georgians, the Daghestanis will and are resisting Russia. That's why the Russians invaded Chechnya and Nagorno-Karabagh in a desperate and pathetic attempt to save its empire.

The puppet Russian government in Armenia will fall and Armenia's people will be freed from the Russian shackles they have worn since the Czars fed them to the Turkish army by the thousands in 1915.

fuck moscow, long live the native people of the Caucasus and the rest of the oppressed people of the former USSR.

to the 'native' caucasian 13.Feb.2007 21:00

congolese tibetan native

yea brilliant, so let's support America in her bid to be the new despot of the world .. doing a great murdering job in Iraq ... have a taste of U.S. 'democracy' and weep, regionalist!

Tibetan-congolese have misunderstood my posts. 14.Feb.2007 12:46

caucasian native

That' exactly the problem with the people on this sight and the so called left.

they think just because I want native people to have basic human rights in Iran or the Caucasus that I'm for an invasion or violence or war. People who have been oppressed for long periods of time will commit desperate and violent acts to free themselves, which ultimately plays into the hands of their oppressors.

Just look at Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc...peaceful means of achieving long term stability have always worked better such as Ghandi's movement in India or the Tibetan peace movement against Chinese oppression or Nelsen Mandella in S. Africa.

for a Tibetan, you sure are callas about native people's rights for self determination without foreign interference. Does this make me a regionalist in your eyes?? so be it.

you obviously know very little about the region's history and its current problems and would rather attack me and call me names than to argue a valid point.


Russian empire's atrocities in Chechnya by Human Rights watch 14.Feb.2007 12:53


caucasian native 14.Feb.2007 13:49

something else

thanks for your patient re-explanation. This thread has gotten really disturbing, I think, and shows signs of a dangerous kind of ideological conformity and nationalism (which can indeed manifest in the negative, as in anti-americanism. duh.) that fosters slaughter and atrocity just as surely as traditional imperialism.

Don't agree with all of your implications, but your commentary is, at the least, sane. Much appreciated.

who divides? 14.Feb.2007 20:16

unity is life -- divisionism is death

let's all start at the beginning shall we? We are ALL natives to the planet and to the species. GOOD START ay! Then along comes the divisionists who are easily reduced to three cats. tribalists/nationalists, religionists, and political ideologues.

They (the above three) ARE LIARS!!! We are indeed ONE. Survival depends on unity. Believe it, embrace it, love it! If not, DIE in misery!! IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

We were born to harmony and peace in UNITY! The first act of violence is divisionism -- starts with slogan ends with war.

Surely as humans we are able to rise above the simplistic lies of the divisionists!