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Alex Jones Attacked By Fintan Dunne Of BreakForNews.com

CoIntelPro-style attacks within the 9-11 truth movement are to be expected, and Fintan Dunne's longstanding dislike of Austin-based Radio broadcaster Alex Jones just might fit into the category of sanctioned psyop; in the least, it demonstrates Dunne has a serious bias. Dunne's latest broadcast uses edited audio in an attempt to make Jones look like a fruit loop.

Fintan Dunne's February 9, 2007 broadcast of "Break For News" launches into a massive attack of Alex Jones. Fintan introduces a big audio segment of Jones by saying that he only manipulated the audio by having Jones say that the New World Order was paying people like Jones "paying me." But once the so-called presentation of raw Jones radio broadcast is presented, it's clear that it is a massively edited montage to make Jones look like a total idiot. Any objective listening to the audio will demonstrate that it is a total cut and paste joke.

Once Fintan Dunne is done with playing the skewed audio creation, he makes the following statement: "We accentuated some of the verbal anachronisms which Alex Jones come out with there." To say the least! Dunne's audio is a total edited fiction, and a poorly edited one at that.

What is it with Fintan Dunne? Years ago he broadcast fantastic programs on 9-11. But within the last two years, he's been obsessed with the infighting and deterioration of the 9-11 truth movement. A significant percentage of his 9-11 focused shows have in fact focused on attacking other investigators. If Dunne was indeed interested in seeing the 9-11 truth movement move beyond infighting and the problems of infiltration, perhaps he should shut his trap and get back to nuts and bolts investigation and reporting on facts, not reporting on other investigators.

Alex Jones has known quirks and a know political ideological perspective as someone that comes from the "patriot" / old school paleo-conservative frame of reference in the American political scene. His views will not mesh perfectly with everyone, and he also can be sloppy with facts from time to time, and/or prone to exaggeration. But he has seldom attacked other investigators. He has mentioned cases where he has been the subject of attacks, but usually only focuses on the subject briefly, demonstrating genuine humility. Jones is far from a perfect human being, but a reasonable reading of the body of his work and his personality would lead most to conclude Jones' heart is in the right place and he's an honest man. What about Fintan Dunne? Listen to his raving in this February 9th broadcast. Listen to how he slices and dices Jones recent programming and attempts to frame Jones as a total whacko. It speaks for itself. It's unclear what Fintan Dunne's true motivations are.

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whoops 12.Feb.2007 04:09


Sorry for the messed-up html that attempted to grab the audio box on breakfornews.com. Just ignore it. The direct link to the specific broadcast is:  http://www.breakfornews.com/audio/NextLevel070209a.mp3

first they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win 12.Feb.2007 05:55


"A significant percentage of his 9-11 focused shows have in fact focused on attacking other investigators..."

Fintan is probably bought off after he was (and he was once!) really hard hitting and important coverage.

Like Fintan, several others seem definitely bought off to lay lower than they were:

Title: The 'Genesis' of the Adnan Khashoggi Wing of the 9-11 Truth Movement (infiltration)
Author: hopsicker with commentary
Date: 2006.10.29 07:11
Description: This is an interesting assortment how many of the false 9-11 truthers like Ruppert (and surprisingly, Barry Zwicker gets later caught up in John Gray money ("Men are from Mars" book ), and John Gray money and his book's popularity came from international drug lord Kashoggi's operations). Thus below is a summary of the twisted tale of the "Genesis" of the infiltrated side of the 9-11 Truth Movement, the Genesis named operations in a convoluted money trail of Adnan Kashoggi. Kashoggi's organizations have simultaneously taken to hawking "anything that needed to be hawked" for psyop purposes from John Gray's "Men are From Mars" books (with its Kashoggi connections), to perhaps (...Hopsicker leaves this open, though it would make intuitive sense for the 'genesis' of this branch of hawking as well) various other PGI Corporation connections to Ruppert ("perhaps the largest tax fraud scam in U.S. history"), to, of all things, the Hale Bopp Comet Cult itself--keyed off by 'false reportage' of the same 'Genesis' connected network off Kashoggi. Second, there is interesting information on the SAN DIEGO and TAMPA aspects of the false flaggers--which had Kashoggi networks around them as well as traitorous FBI networks as well in San Diego, according to the FBI Investigation of itself! The main theme is the implanted artificial culture industry and its main vehicle--under Kashoggi networks? With a different 'subsidiary' for each operation, each named "Genesis" Something? Read on. "...let's begin our journey with a visit to the psy-ops murk of 'Saudi Genesis'."

Oy 12.Feb.2007 09:01

Left-leaning Jones fan

Who cares? Dunne's a nobody, and Alex is subject to similar cointelpro-type nonsense all the time. Why even give Finking Donefor any mention here?

Alex is one of us 12.Feb.2007 09:36

jack blood

Alex may be nutty at times but he predicted 9/11 months before it happened and has been steadfast in opposing the globalization of jobs and governements. Who else has as much coverage as he>

Mike Ruppert Rules 13.Feb.2007 20:27

rAT (the one & only)

Mike Ruppert has been and always will be RIGHT THE F*** ON ABOUT 911. "Incista" gives as his backup some posting on Indy. Give me a break. Did you post it too? Are you calling yourself "with commentary"? You damned trolls are certainly ubiquitious these dark, dark days. Go haunt Huffington, those idiot Dems and Libs will swallow anything. Geez.

Jones nutty? you're nutty buddy. 14.Feb.2007 23:58


this is a troll post fo sho. posted by a black troll soul.

Jones has more fortitude in his little finger then any y'all.