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"Weather Modification" Forum in Arizona this month

This is happening the same weekend as the "911 Accountablilty" Conference is happening. If you become saturated with 911 facts and figures, take some time off and attend this conference on contrail activity and weather modification.
educational forum and panel discussion
saturday, february 24, 2007 4:00 p.m.

"climate change & your health"

location: first southern baptist church
1008 live oak (east hwy 60)
miami, arizona 85539

starting at 4 pm

what you need to know to protect your health
and the health of your family

*state, county & regional event ~ "get educated!"

*weather modification operations today

*materials being sprayed into the atmosphere

* u.s. house and senate bills 2006

*slide show and dvd films

*health effects of weather modification

*what is in our surface water?

*the global warming debate, who is changing the climate

*the need of public oversight

*panel discussion

*where do we go from here? share your thoughts & ideas

*attend this forum and get the dvds and information packets because the future
of your families and communities are depending on you.

call sharon anderson 928-473-8059
or bridget conroy 602-404-0847 for additional information.
use mapquest for directions or call us.