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Moles in the Kucinich Campain 0r How I got kicked off the Kucinich.us site

Interesting post I found on progressive independent
I am "Nadia" on the message board and have been posting all sorts of actions, news stories, etc. as well as volunteering to help organize the message board and add news,events, media appearances to the site. Elizabeth even asked that I be allowed to add news stories to the front page so last weekend Evan, the volunteer coordinator allowed me to work on the test site to "show them my stuff" so I implemented much of the volunteer ideas, adding an events block, and upcoming/recent media appearances block. I shortened his issue page and put it on a pdf so everyone could print it up and pass it around. I did the same with his 12 point plan. I fixed the message board so we were more centrally located, right now there are 230 categories and no one can find anything. So I did all this work for the campaign, and then they 'accidentally' erased it.

Even so I continued until this morning as I was adding Dennis' C-SPAN appearance tonight, as well as his upcoming appearance at the Feb 21 debate...they erased it three times. They moved actions like our media forum topic to an obscure category,erased my threat about DU. The web moderators are doing whatever they can to work against the volunteers, and the web team, of which there are like ten of them, have done no work for two months, keep stalling. Because I have been desperately trying to work for change, they finally kicked me off completely.

I created this website to show Dennis what I had worked on before on the campaign test site, before they erased it all...

Dennis is extremely busy so I do not think he is aware of what is happening, and they are counting on this.

If anyone out there cares, please help me let Dennis know that his web team is working against him, not for him.

 link to progressiveindependent.com

homepage: homepage: http://progressiveindependent.com/dc/dcboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=104&topic_id=61216

broadcast to all 11.Feb.2007 16:18


I think the situation is an inner work problem within his team for which this writer complains, and NOT one that ought be broadcast to the nation. Work it out within your group. Problems on the job are brought up to supervisors. Seek one or more in your office. Others outside the job cannot fix it for you.

the fruit laden trees have the most stones at them thrown 11.Feb.2007 17:21


the fruit laden trees have the most stones at them thrown

and Dennis Kucinich will attract a lot of moles
because if you do good, the world (war profiteers) will 'hate you'

no 11.Feb.2007 18:03

nobody cares

> If anyone out there cares

Mmm, no. It's 2007. Next year, in 2008, K will get his ass kicked again.

The only real reason for him to keep doing this is it probably helps him get re-elected as a local congressman.

The people who kicked you off his web site did you a favor.

The poster was kicked off the board 11.Feb.2007 18:05


The poster was kicked off of the site, that is why they are making it public.
The campaign doesn't appear interested in discussion.
I have seen this poster on kucinich.us and they were doing whatever they could to help.

I like your website better 11.Feb.2007 18:05

drew drew@chaoscabal.net

I have visited both websites, and think that you have definitely improved on the  http://kucinich.us website. That looks like Drupal, right. Your version has easier navigation and over better presentation of the content, especially video.

Good luck on getting it up!

Definitely a Better Website 11.Feb.2007 21:08


Your website is definitely a better website. It appears to be professional, the other, an amateur's attempt. Everybody cares about Kucinich and is watching very closely, especially the corporations. Insiders have been planted to destroy the Kucinich and Obama campaigns. They want their second best stooge Hilary NAFTA Clinton to win the democratic race to hedge their bets. Obama has already been attached by Hilary NAFTA Clinton using the same type of Karl Rove strategy the Bush campaign has used.

lest I be totally critical 12.Feb.2007 11:49

I just posted about Kucinich / Nader

I took a look at your site... VERY NICE!

the poster has it backwards 12.Feb.2007 12:14


The moles in the Kucinich campaign are not some evil computer programmer or other specially placed disrupter; the moles in this case are the good guys, who actually believe that Kucinich is an avenue for change, rather than a radical sounding corporate apologist. It is no accident that well-meaning Kucinich supporters can find no real voice in his campaign. An above poster has it right: it is not possible for Kucinich-- or any other elite politician-- to be that incompetent. This is a classic excuse for the upper class lackeys in congress: they are supposedly naive to the workings of the evil neo-cons or other devious groups. The fact is, they work in a friendly bi-partisan way with these devils, and make cordial backroom deals where they agree on basic propaganda lines like the 'war on terrorism' or 'support the troops'....