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Foolish Beaverton Cop Rams Pedestrian With Patrol Car

Beaverton is a nightmare for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to KATU Newz, a woman has been hit by a Beaverton Police patrol car.
A Photo of the Alleged Weapon Used
A Photo of the Alleged Weapon Used
We have all seen extremely dangerous and careless driving errors regularly committed by our local police officials, including danger-prone idiot officers racing down downtown Portland sidewalks at 30 MPH.

According to KATU Newz, a recent example of this police recklessness has resulted in serious injury to a pedestrian in Beaverton. The officer responsible was racing to either assist a fellow officer, or to take advantage of a doughnut sale, details are still murky.

"Wandell said the officer was not using his emergency lights or siren at the time of the accident."


These officers need to learn/obey the rules of the road, and/or get out of their cars.

Beavterton is so poorly planned to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, and traffic laws, such as speeding, are so poorly enforced, Beaverton officials should be held personally responsible for many of the pedestrian and cyclist involved incidents that occur there.

Drug testing 11.Feb.2007 16:57

poidog 1909

I don't know if beaverton is one of the juristictions that escapes accountibility through no drug testing, but there could certainly be no legitamate excuse for not testing in a situation like this. If this officer didn't test, I think that it's only right that both he and the chief resign for lack of credibility and accountibility to the public they serve

Imagine what it would be.. 12.Feb.2007 00:26


...if it were a Tri-Met bus driver. You bet your life they'd have the driver tested.

However, in this situation, it's going to be just like the cop who drove his truck into the kitchen of the former Blackbird - the Blue Wall of Silence will extend to this incident. Whether the cop was drunk or on drugs, or just a reckless fool, we'll never know.