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Weapons From Iran

My opinion of the reports of weapons from Iran is low.
Lets Keep the pressure on our leaders
Lets Keep the pressure on our leaders
Weapons From Iran

My opinion of the reports of weapons from Iran is low. Reports of materials from Iran are reported in yahoo, the Columbian and I'd bet the Oregonian sourced from Reuters and AP and likely spread across the world.

Interestingly, the same media sources that brought us WMD in Iraq are giving us these reports. These reports are a sad song from major media monopoly that could only be echoed by Pravda or other totalitarian state media to form public opinion with fear mongering for adventure. This of course I believe is the whole reason for these reports of weapons from Iran in Iraq. Namely fear mongering and sowing seeds for adventure.

I am not an expert, and I don't think you need to be to realize how silly these "weapons from Iran" reports are. I would bet there are weapons from Israel, Germany, the US, France, China, Russia in Iraq as too. We do not hear much about these other weapons. I would wager the weapon companies are quite interested in the performance of these weapons in Iraq. This goes unreported. But my point is these "Weapons from Iran" reports is propaganda.

Whose propaganda? Well if the purpose of these reports is fear, than it to keep American scared stupid. This fact is overtly bipartisan for the war on terror talk flows from mouths of both parties.

USA WMDs in Iraq are the greatest killers 12.Feb.2007 03:37


If the U.S. Empire pulls out its illegal Invaders from Iraq, then they would not be subject to IEDs or any other lethal weapons being used in Iraq. The greatest violator of using illegal weapons of mass destrtuction is the USA Empire's continuation of the brutal Occupation!

red herring 14.Feb.2007 15:42

red harangue

The US-supported Shia government in Iraq is already allied with Iran, so it doesn't make any sense that they would attack themselves. The Sunni rebels would not be receiving weapons from Iran, their enemy. The Iraqi Sunni's are receiving their weapons and money from Sunni's like the Saudi's, the Jordanians, and/or the Egyptians, in other words, from Bush's "allies". There appears to be a shift in US support to the Sunni's from the Shia's, no doubt because of pressure from Saudi business partners.