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Sign Petitions to Cities of Medford and Salem!

Four of Oregon's seven largest cities—Portland, Eugene, Gresham, and Beaverton—have signed onto the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, committing themselves to the fight against global warming. A fifth—Hillsboro—is working on an independent plan to combat the greenhouse effect. Of Oregon's biggest cities, only Salem and Medford have yet to get in on the action.
Things have to change in Salem and Medford; if we're going to stop the biggest environmental crisis of our time, all major cities must be on board! Visit the website of the Oregon Cities Climate Solutions Network to sign two petitions urging Salem and Medford to take action.

Local governments are at the forefront of the movement to curb global warming. Mayors and city councilors are taking meaningful action to reduce local greenhouse emissions, even as the federal government refuses to do anything. However, we need even more cities to join the movement; the Oregon Cities Climate Solutions Network (OCCSN) is trying to make sure this happens, by recruiting major cities in our state. Visit the OCCSN Action Dashboard on the organization's website, and sign the petitions to Salem and Medford. You can also find out how to begin making a difference in your own city. No issue facing the world is more serious than global warming. We need all the help that we can get.

homepage: homepage: http://www.occsn.blogspot.com

Salem and Medford areas highly polluting 11.Feb.2007 09:31


Both Salem and Medford have no real plan to build a liveable city. It's all about auto's and strip malls. Liveable spaces for living beings are pretty much left out of the equation. The core of both these cities are dying because they are either so congested and or corporate retailers have been building mega malls and strips at an astounding rate on the outskirts of these cities. The Salem area includes Keizer. It is dangerous to ride a bike or even walk in most parts of these cities. The traffic is so congested that the air quality in Salem and Medford is some of the worst in Oregon. It is dangerous to cross the street. It can take half an hour to cross the Marion street bridge during morning or afternoon commute.

If you look at the plan for both these cities, you will see that the only discussion about environmental issues has to do with recyling. There is no discussion about making the cities liveable or open to alternative transportation. The company who runs mass transist in Salem just voted to cut back routes because they could not get a bond passed to give them more money. But the Salem buses have never been viable for commuters. It can take an hour or more to get across town. The new route system includes no or limited weekend service.

Salem itself has become a dangerous town to live in. Break-ins to houses while people are away, a shooting a week by gangs (youth killing youth), gangland executions, rape in parks...It is not unusual to sit in Salem parks and watch people shoot up or deal drugs. All this has caused more and more people to move into the small towns 10 to 20 miles from Salem. These people then commute back into Salem for jobs. While there is a commuter bus from some of the cities, they drop people off in the center of city once or twice a day and expect them to navigate the broken city bus service.

Medford has similar problems. Only there is a mentality of everyone for themselves, driving around in big ol trucks. Many people live outside of Medford where the housing is cheaper and commute back in. The roads are bad and people don't use little street cars, the use big pickups that can navigate the pot holes.

You can make all the rules you want and tell people not to drive, but when the city managers and designers don't have a plan for how to get people to thier jobs, allow for safe communities, or provide a public transportation system that works....it's all just a bunch of hot air.

People in Portland are spoiled. They have choices. You don't need a car in Portland...and even Eugene has a pretty good public transportation system. And, Eugene and Corvallis have a wonderful infrastructure for bikes, people walking and other modes of alternative transportation.

What is most disturbing about these two cities is that Salem is the state capitol. This is where legislatures meet to plan the future. If Salem is the creation of these masterminds, just think what is in store for Oregon.