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A Strike on Iran would signify the Beginning of an Epoch of Nuclear War

In my paper entitled "2007: Opening a New Page in the World's History", published in September, 2006, I examined the possibility that a US strike on Iran using small-scale nuclear munitions would to be launched, and that the strike would become the beginning of an epoch of nuclear wars. There were various responses to the paper. Some authors, including recognized experts, doubted the possibility of such a development. At present, few people doubt that there will be a strike on Iran. Rather, the question is whether nuclear or conventional weapons will be used in the offensive.

In this context, I would like to present the following considerations.
1. An attack on Iran is motivated by nothing but the US domestic political expediency and the unlimited appetites of the country's military-industrial complex. President G. Bush has no choice - his only option is a breakthrough. The problem does not originate from the total failure of his doctrine of the "war on international terrorism". If the US political elite represented by Bush based its decisions solely on the estimates of the damage to its public image that might be caused by the fiasco of the global anti-terrorist campaign, it would have extremely serious reservations about starting a new regional war. However, they are motivated by something else - they need to continue Bush's politics backed by a conglomerate of weapons suppliers, who established control over the country's oversized military spending. Should Bush recognize being defeated and withdraw the US military forces from the Middle East, the Democrat's elite would overtake the financial leverage, and a major redistribution of the military commissioning would follow. When such enormous funds are at stake, people's lives and those of entire nations become tokens in the game. For these operations, the destiny of the Middle East and its nations means absolutely nothing, just as the lives of the Vietnamese and the Cambodians showered with napalm and defoliants meant nothing either. One must be naÔve to suppose that the Pentagon machine will stop and miss the new incredibly high profits.

2. The coming war between the US and Iran has to conform to certain parameters defined a priori. The US is tired of Iraq, and the public opinion in the country is turning increasingly anti-war. Therefore, the offensive against Iran has to be swift and victorious. This will save Bush's political group and give it a higher rating in the country. There can be no doubt that a successful aggression will make Bush extremely popular in the US - in this anti-Christian society the pagan god of victory has long taken the place of the Savior. A triumph will make the US public blind and deaf - it will remain unaware of the price of the US victory for the nations of the Middle East. The crucial circumstance is that only nuclear weapons can guarantee the US victory in this war. Knowing that the US failed to win even in Iraq, a country plagued by religious and ethnic strife, one cannot expect it to prevail in the united and spiritually strong Iran. Only the use of nuclear weapons can make it possible to cause severe damage to the Iranian control system hidden in bunkers and, importantly, to behead its leadership no matter how deep underground it might be hiding. Iran without its leaders and with a paralyzed system of control, with an army devastated by "baby nukes", is the only option which suits the US - it agrees to talk about peace only to a totally subdued offender. Such talks would let the US leaders' old dream of a Middle Eastern Disneyland, mastered by the US and Israel, come true.

Here are the facts which illustrate the process of the preparations for the devastation of Iran:

- The UN Security Council Resolution envisions that a further tightening of the sanctions imposed on Iran must take place after February 21, 2006. From the standpoint of the international law, this is a pretext (essentially, a poor one, but a one that does exist) to legalize an aggression against the country.

- Two US aircraft carrier groups armed with nukes are moving into the region. The US aircraft carrier groups have been on missions 5 times over the past 15 years. In 4 cases out of the 5, they launched military offensives. In March, 2007 both groups are to take their combat positions.

- Additional ground forces are shifted to the border between Iraq and Iran. Preparations for a new phase of hostilities are underway.

- In February, Patriot missile defense systems will be ready to defend Israel and the aircraft carrier groups from enemy airstrikes.

- British combat engineers are entering the regions of the future fighting, clearly in order to operate in the Strait of Ormuz, where Iranians are most likely to lay mines.

- The US and Israel launched a powerful information and propaganda campaign preparing the global public opinion for the aggression.

- CENTCOM's Commander John Abizade, an opponent of the war with Iran, resigned. His position was taken over by Admiral W. Fallon, a veteran of the 1991 Iraq and 1995 Bosnia campaigns.

- John Negroponte has been moved from his position as the First Director of National Intelligence for persistently resisting the use of force against Iran.

- T. Blair, the "staff peacemaker" for the Middle East, never mentions a peaceful settlement of the Iran dossier problem. He makes no attempts to find a way to resolve the crisis in a peaceful way, and this is highly indicative.

All of the above constitutes evidence of Iran's being prepared for sacrifice. Will a major provocation be orchestrated for this purpose? A number of observers opine that Washington needs one. We believe that what we will see is going to be a plain cowboy-style scenario like the one which materialized in Iraq. Media never stop debating the issue of the "Iranian atomic bomb" - just as they focused on "S. Hussein's weapons of mass destruction". It is time for them to start. It absolutely does not matter that eventually nothing of the kind will be found in Iran. Those who disagree will be silenced by force.

The question is - will such a "breakthrough" do G. Bush any good? The idea of attacking Iran was born in the primitive minds of those who, just for the sake of their profits, can sell the rope on which they will be hanged. This time it will be neither they nor their children who will perish in the nuclear Holocaust, and they'd rather not worry that by this they will take the entire mankind a step closer to the total catastrophe.

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Yes. As Americans, itís time to call Bullshit. 11.Feb.2007 11:43

R Dub

It's the last breath before the crash bang boom! You can feel it... . the lunge that money is making to hold on to power... the final dive upwards before life turns for the darker side of the moon. The peaking of life on earth, before growth can no longer hang on.

And for so long now, the US economy has been the leader of life... the most growth, the fastest and most tippity top of earth's capacity to hold on. All has been swell for a long time, Beave! And now, we start the slide downward. Now it gets dangerous and ugly. But there is always hope for humanity. It will come when money is abolished and we all conserve and share energy and water while we quickly figure out how to get along.

But that won't happen without violence from someone. I just can't help feeling that enough humans are humbled yet... someone has to die first, according to the macho men running the world. That's why this week Republicans are trying a blitz, making 4 major plays at once, and not all of them are working. They are starting to lose, realy, really bad and are getting frustrated.

"Let's take a look at the scoreboard, Pat." Since coming back from halftime, Democrats have taken the lead from republicans, and are leading with a good spread of 1 female speaker of the house and a young black guy with potential (NOTE: This is only cynicism. I do not profess sexism or racism). The Democratic combination plays have Republican Coach Dick Cheney and his star QB George Bush pretty rattled. Add in the fact the Democratic defense just sacked Bush this week with the Scooter Libby trial, and you can see why the Repubs have turned up the heat.

Well, what we have here John is a blitz run by the Republicans against democracy by simultaneously attacking National Public Radio, and Speaker of the House Nanci Pelosi, and a changing out of their offensive lineup.

You're sure right Bob. Just looking at this offense shows how determined the Repubs are right now. Add in that their defensive tackles just blocked the Iraq War debate and we start to understand why all these hit pieces and aggressive moves are being made. Add in that we know the playbook and have a sneak peak of their upcoming big move, and you understand just how tight this game is.

"Pat, you know, these is still just the final game between our home teams, don't forget the world chanpionships are going on at the same time and China, Russia and Iran are all formidable opponents. And no one knows just what the Wildcard team is planning over in Israel."

All I can say this this point is that humanity had better wake up to the danger we are all in. We can handle global warming and prevent massive starvation, famine, and war. All we need to do is put down the guns and work together. If not, someone is going to die soon, if not all of us.

That's why I'm going to go turn on some music. If aramageddon is what happens every time a society crashes, this sucker looks to be the biggest one our civilization has ever faced. You never know when it's your last day to dance!