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Write, call your members of congress!

Murtha's version of the next military spending bill if it includes the Guantanamo provision is meant to put anti-war Democrats in a bind. The public wants to close the Guantanamo prison, but they also want to end the Iraq deployment. In order to accomplish one goal, closing Guantanamo, anti-war Democrats are being told they must forego the greater goal of ending the Iraq deployment.
From blog posted by 'Nadia' at kucinich.us forum:

We have to stop this!! The Democratic party 'leaders' keep pretending that cutting the funding would make it so the troops in the field won't have what they need . . . Someone needs to stop Nancy Pelosi in this ridiculous meme . . . Does she really not get this? She must be forced to do what is right by our troops and the American people.

A vote in Congress sometime in the next few weeks on the $100 billion supplemental spending bill for Iraq and Afghanistan is shaping up as a decisive test of support for the Iraq war.

"You could close Guantanamo; that's a good move but until the United States ends the occupation (of Iraq), we will still have this war," said Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

Referring to Murtha and House Democratic leaders, Kucinich said, "They're setting the stage for the approval of the supplemental [spending bill]."

"A serious test of the Democratic Party"

Nany Pelosi 11.Feb.2007 18:08


Are you this naive? Of course Nancy gets it. Face it, she's just not interested in ending the war in Iraq.

ending the disaster now 12.Feb.2007 11:48


Only 41 Senate votes are necessary to filibuster a spending bill for funding of the occupation. A second bill could also be introduced to allow funding for removal of the troops. That means a vote against the filibuster would also be a vote against "funding the troops". Hillary et al could then decide whether or not they want this disaster to end.