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PBS Newhour segment on Venezuela was sickening

The Newshour must be reformed. Margaret Warner must go. Jim Lehrer should retire. Ray Suarez is too conservative.
Last evening (Friday 2/9), the newshour had a segment on Venezuela and Chavez.

All it ended up being was an interview with Margaret Warner in Venezuela.

There were no interviews with the people of Venezuela, just Warner blathering on.

The viewership does not need a white american "middle man" to opinionate, serve up platitudes, and talk about Chavez and the people of Venezuela as third parties.

This is really pathetic "journalism."

A sickening attempt at propaganda. Sickening.
news flash 11.Feb.2007 03:30

the corporate media are still out to get chavez

PBS and NPR exist so that wall street -- the local capitalist class -- can maintain some influence over people who don't trust commercial media. Just because they're publicly funded and they make an effort to sound reasonable to liberals doesn't mean they serve different masters than CNN and Fox.

Did you happen to notice the commerical leading into the News Hour? 11.Feb.2007 09:36

Fred Bauer

It was about the Medicare drug program, how great it was and why we shouldn't do anything that might screw things up (like negotiating with drug companies for lower prices).

I supported OPB for a long time but this year I had to pull the plug because of propaganda such as this.

Medicare ad 12.Feb.2007 08:27

Anon Anon

Yes I did notice it and did not appreciate it.

And what about the ads that have aired in the past at the beginning of "Washington Week in Review" which follows the Newshour on Friday nights? Big Oil and the railroads. Gee, just what belongs on PBS.

There's a conscious effort to manipulate the opinions of well-heeled Toyota Prius liberals.