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imperialism & war

The Only Thing That Really Matters!

2000 Election: Fraud, 9-11-01=Inside Job, Afganistan: Illegal War, Iraq: Illegal War, 2004 Election: Fraud; How long will we allow this to go on ond on? Ever hear of the Republicrat Party? That is, Republican or Demecrat, as in synonymous. 1913 is when it all went bad for the Constitutinal Republic of the United States of America. The Federal Reserve Act: Illegal. Federal Reserve (Monopoly: as in Hasbro Brothers) money has no monetary backing (Gold). The IRS: Illegal. Income Tax: Illegal; The 16th Amendment to the Constitution: Does not grant the U.S. Government any new powers of taxation (Supreme Court ruling 1916). Yet, you comply like dosile sheep. Filling out your 1040 and paying up to the IRS, Federal Reserve extortion, which pays for none of the services provided by our government, by the way, but only lines the pockets of a few thousand families of Capitalist Pig Bankers who in thier unpresidented arrogance believe they should rule us, and rule the world.
Who runs our government? No one we elected. Just ask Barbara Boxer, or John Conyers (Impeachment is off the table). Banker Billionaires of the Illegal (Not) Federal Reserve rule our supposed Servant Government. Capitalist Pig Megalomaniacs that believe their vision of ruling the world is just what the world needs. Do you need the supervision of this so called "Intelectual Elite" to live your Life? Do you need supervision? A National ID Card? An implanted RFID? How about becoming a non-person, because the Capitalist Pig Bankers decide that you are not a Good American? How will it be when you cannot rent an apartment, buy a home, buy a car, or even buy food, because you do not have their RFID chip implanted in your body, or they decide to turn it off, or empty your bank accounts of their Federal Reserve (Monopoly Money) Funds? What then? You are forced to be a criminal, just to survive. And don't think they won't come looking for you. You will be an Enemy Combatant, hunted, and when caught, tortured, just for your pain. Then death for you, because you are not a functional consumer; a contributing part to the economy.

What can you do about it?

Refuse a National ID Card (Going into Law May, 2008), even if it is your Driver's License.

Refuse an RFID implant.

Refuse to fill out a 1040, or to pay an Income Tax. (Demand a Refund for all previously paid (Illeagal) taxes.)

Demand an end to the IRS and the (Not) Federal Reserve, and a return to money issued by Congress on the Gold Standard.

Be Patriotic: Pick up a gun and defend your Constitution (like our founding fathers would).

Because if any of you fucking idiots think we aren't headed for a shootin' war (Revolution), then you are mistaken.
Thank you for this 10.Feb.2007 11:17


Now if we can only get the vast majority of the pseudo-far-left-progressive American sheeple to realize this, we may actually be able to get it to the mainstream, commericial TV-watching Apathites.

Umm... 10.Feb.2007 14:08


You mention 27 different things, what's the only one that matters?

synthetic terror 10.Feb.2007 22:55

free your mind and the rest will follow

911 was an inside job to launch imperial wars of aggression for the motherlode blackgoldfields; it is the root of the phony war on terror led by an illegitimate president

Now my Eyes Are Open 11.Feb.2007 11:08

Previously uneducated

Jeez, this post was just like a splash of cold water on my face. I especially enjoyed the use of so many question marks, which functioned to involve me, personally, in the body of the text. Brilliant! With the razor wire-wit of firebrands like "education is strength" we might actually stand a chance. The unlikely combination of such clever prose and the obviously complete understanding of economics and political cause and effect demonstrated herein is nothing short of a revelation. Furthermore - in what can only be described as a staggering improvement to the toolkit of literary devices - the author's use of insults to address the audience [sheep (good one! it took me a minute to figure out what was meant by this, then I realized that sheep live in groups known as flocks (kind of like a herd - as in herd mentality), which are *Watched Over* and *guided* by a *Shepard*. Snap!) and idiots (double snap! good thing the author is here to preserve our fate from the intentions of the "intellectual elite!")]

Enfin, the author's complex sense of logic took me a minute to grasp, but the effort was like the exercise of atrophied muscles! Let me explain: in paragraph two the afore-mentioned use of questions leads through the Orwellian nightmare of complete state control over every aspect of our lives, a scenario in which the government (which we didn't elect. OMG! so true!) would de-humanize and torture us for non-compliance with their snoopy protocols. Now, here comes the genius. With intellectual prowess that marks this work as that of a mental Bruce Lee, the author suggests that the best way to counter this system is to do very last thing that he has just warned the reader against doing! Wow, this is social judo! Defeat the attempts to turn all of us "idiots" into "non-humans" by doing everything in our power to encourage just such a thing to happen.

I will spend the rest of my day trying to figure out what my life now means.

not disputed 13.Feb.2007 21:49

free your mind and the rest will follow

911 was an inside job to launch imperial wars of aggression for the motherlode blackgoldfields; it is the root of the phony war on terror led by an illegitimate president who was too chicken to fight in combat when duty called, poor little rich boy.