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tre arrow

what ever happened to tre arrow, and why dont we carry the torch?
i happened apon this article and my mind turned to michael scarpetti (tre arrow) he was one of the foremost activists of our time, turned into a scapegoat. why doesnt anyone keep up on his whereabouts or health? why doesnt anyone post "FREE TRE ARROW"? he is an inspiration to us all and keeps us vigilant against planted agents that want to brand us all ecoterrorists.

i want to see more news about tre arrow.
Updates on Tre appear here regularly 09.Feb.2007 23:23


Updates from and about Tre appear here regularly.
You can also read his latest updates at  http://www.trearrow.org/

Your comments expose the fact that you don't visit this site too often and that you are unfamiliar with internet search engines.

Thanks for caring! 10.Feb.2007 08:27


It's beautiful that you care about our sisters and brothers who are behind bars. It is very, very important for us all that they feel the love and solidarity of those still on the outside. Yes, updates appear on this site fairly regularly regarding Tre, and there is a website (link above, I believe), set up by his support group. There is also a mailing list to keep you updated, which you can subscribe to through the tre support website. Also, PLEASE write to him. Letters are very important to people living behind bars.

While you are writing to him, please write to as many of the other political prisoners as you can: Josh Harper, Josh Wolf, Kevin Jonas and all the rest of the SHAC 7, etc etc etc.... THe list is very, very long.

yeah 10.Feb.2007 11:18

you can also crosspost his messages yourself

here's trey's latest, off the supporter's list:

From: "the Tre Arrow Defense Committee" < tre@riseup.net>
Date: Tue, February 6, 2007 2:04 pm
To: "supporters" < tresupporters@lists.riseup.net>

Hello to everyone out there, it's Trey here and I'm doing well!

Music continues to feed my soul. The power of music and the connection to
the mental, emotional and spiritual realms continues to astound me! I've
been blessed with many beautiful people coming to visit and more to come
(my sister Shawna and Doogles are visiting in a week and a half!!!) The
winter seems to be giving way here in Victoria to the coming spring. I
love spring! I love to see all the leaves coming back on the hardwoods and
the buds and the flowers that promise the sacred fruit for summer and

Right now I'm reading "Awakening Spirits", by Tom Brown Jr. Tom shares his
profound experiences with earth mother and the connections with stalking
wolf, grandfather. Every time I read his books it brings me closer and
closer to earth mother and my ancestral roots. I highly recommend everyone
to read any and all of his books (please acquire used or from a library).
The trees will thank you.

Many things are going on here in Victoria regarding my bail and community
support. I'm happy to announce that the benefit on Thursday
Feb. 1 was a tremendous success, once again!!! We raised over $300, we had
many outstanding musicians perform, had a fun raffle and everyone seemed
to have a glorious time! I was able to call in and speak to the whole
crowd via speakerphone which was extremely rewarding for all of us. Thank
you to all who helped organize and make this event as special as it was!

Legal Update

I know it seems to be continually pushed back, but my bail hearing appears
to be taking place in March. I am continuing to secure more sureties. It
is abundantly clear based on past bail hearings, the opinion of my lawyer
Jim and the agenda of the Crown (the prosecuting attorney), that it is
imperative that we secure at least one surety who is a resident of BC
(preferably Vancouver or Victoria). Therefore, I'm asking everyone to keep
this in your prayers and positive manifesting energy that we may secure
the necessary ingredients to realize my release. Please and thank you,
spread this far and wide and talk to anyone who may be a potential
candidate to be part of this surety package.

My appeal hearing date is still set for Wednesday, April 18. During this
hearing we will be appealing both the initial committal order for
extradition from Judge Gill and the Justice Minister's decision to
surrender me. Jim has worked diligently on the arguments and we have solid
grounds for appeal. One of the major arguments involves the sufficiency of
evidence on which the Canadian government relies in order to assume I was
involved with the arsons and therefore turn me over to the U.S.

I thank you all for your continued love, energy, prayers and support!
It helps keep me strong and is truly a source of continual inspiration! I
send each and every one of you the love and strength of all the sacred
conifers throughout the world!!!

Namaste Trey

Tre Arrow Defense Committee

Environmentalist and refugee hopeful, Tre Arrow has been incarcerated in Canada
since March 2004.
"I am innocent of the charges the U.S. government is trying to pin on me. Just As
many activists have experienced, I am being targeted by the U.S. government and the
FBI, not because I am guilty, but because I have chosen to challenge the status
-Political Prisoner Tre Arrow-

good one, WTF 10.Feb.2007 11:21


No need to be mean, WTF...we have enough enemies who are doing that well enough already without you assisting their ongoing cointelpro operation against us. Thanks.

God Bless Tre, he remains in our hearts and hopes.

grouchy ? 10.Feb.2007 11:42

Harmony Hound

Thanks for the info WTF
Are you having a bad hair day?

WTFif .....it was the posters (jennifer) first day here on Indy Media?

She seem genuine in the fact she even left her name and email

Thanks for helping her out!

Try this one as well jennifer:

 link to portland.indymedia.org

Jan 19th...... 10.Feb.2007 12:25


ugh... 10.Feb.2007 12:26


I seriously doubt Tre would like being called "one of the foremost activists of our time".

Why? 10.Feb.2007 14:47


As for why it doesn't show up on indymedia so much... that tends to be the pattern of issues. Unless something exciting is happening all the time, people stop acting. There are people who keep up on his whereabouts and health. You could be one of those people if you want. Write him a letter. If you want to see more about him on indymedia YOU POST IT. That's what indymedia is all about.

To the first comment: Co was asking a simple question, no need to get mean about it. You should not attack someone for trying to break free of ignorance, even if their ignorance is showing. But that's just my opinion, you do what you want.

i am the original poster of this question 10.Feb.2007 20:05

jennifer beck

i was really offended by people just jumping up and attacking me with "you dont know how to use the internet" or "you obviously dont go here very often". well, its true. but you dont have to be so snarky! i am a single parent of a 2 year old and a full time college student. up until recently i was only checking this site when i was able to go to the library. every time ive checked, i never see any posts. and with peanut butter hands grabbing at me to read the new 'biscuit the dog' book, i dont spent alot of time on it to explore.

it wasnt an accusatory statement. it was just me saying "hey, whatever happened to tre, and i hope someone cares about him"

its like the war. in the beginning there were tons of protests. real big go getter ones too that could make people listen... but they just fizzled out as people got used to it and thought there was nothing they could do. i mean there still is an activist culture, but not explosive like it was/could be. i was just worried the same thing could have happened to a political prisoner.

so please understand that when i have the choice between a computer and a sticky handed butterfly... im going to fly away with her.