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when in doubt, provide food and water

Hey there are a whole bunch of folks protesting in front of the Recruiting Center again on 13th and NE Broadway.
I bet that they could use some food and water, maybe some hot coffee. You can always make your own sign and join them, even for half an hour! or post to indymedia a few words of support!

I love these women!

No 09.Feb.2007 15:18


They are good people.

I've been there 10.Feb.2007 11:35

Silence Dogood

WOW! While I was in Baghdad for almost two years I always felt a great sense of warmth knowing that what the nearly 120,000 men and woman are doing over here was respected by the American people. And to say the least about how I feel now is a great disappointment. What is the real point of these protests? What good are the people of Portland doing by protesting outside of the military offices? What good is an elderly woman doing by banging on a pot with a spoon?
I have been to a few of these rallies for peace and the points that are being made are way off the mark. I feel that if a person is speaking out that the best point of reference is experience. Where is the experience? Why do the people who attend these rallies support the cowards who run from it. There has not been a draft and the military is still 100% voluntary. If you want to support the troops send care packages, vote for reform, and write the people who you've elected.

The fact is most of the people are weak who attend these peace rallies and will listen to anyone with a bullhorn. Be a true independent and think for yourself.

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion, than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand--Périgord

No Body's Running 11.Feb.2007 04:56

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

We protesters probably all agree along with you that we all care for the troops.
Your suggestions are great ideas.

I write my officials all the time. I go to protests to show with my presence/body to let it be publicly known that I strongly* ....disagree!
I vote and encourage voting all the time among friends and family! You bet! Political Involved and charged up, city hall, sidewalk or military gate. I am a citizen. And love this country like we all do. I want the world to be in harmony and the fighting to stop. Not asking for a wild idea....

I wonder what is off the mark about peace rallies?
..."they are for peace" is that off the mark?
I mean really it seems odd to me to hear people say they don't want peace. The energy you put into things ...you get back out...... the lady banging the pot or the one meditating on her knees. Or 20 people holding signs standing in the wind on a sidewalk ...all add up and make a statement, each is a story in its self. Theses are inspiring, honest and loving, pro peace people .....to me that says a lot! And to go public is admirable....someone has to do it .. ..... no one likes to have to ......but it is necessary
..its has come down to that ...indeed!

Every day I get up and do what I can to make and promote PEACE in this world I live and share in...how can that be wrong?
I have kids who are old enough and one who will soon be -->
... who could be sucked in through that door we/I protest in front of.

I do not speak for the group ....I speak only for myself ....but I am sure many will agree. By trying to stop the flow of young bodies to the war, a war based on lies and one that is just horrible and wrong and ethically immoral, and I am trying to prevent them from encouraging and shipping people to fight and kill or be killed!
To stop even one or two new innocent young adults/kids from coming down and heading to the WAR ZONE to kill others or give his own life or be exposed to the horrible things going on over there is what I am trying to prevent.

I want to de-escalate.

I want to stop funding warm bodies and money and energy to this greedy-death-war-machine.

If these recruiting war mongers want to do what they are doing, I want to do what I am doing. I say Peace .....They say War...... I say no more!

Can you imagine the impact your (you) one strong voice can do to help stop this war? You said you were in Baghdad ...well maybe you knew my cousin ....he was over there for a year or so ....he hated it ...and he said it was terrible what was going on, he was disgusted over the greed, and corruption and dishonorable crap going on!........he took his own life.

Ya that was his message. That is *one reason why I stand out her ......to stop any way I can this madness --> I believe by even being just one person I can make change. I wish you would join me. You can help put pressure and raise awareness to this solidarity and push for peace we are promoting.

It seems this all can be summed up into two general types of people:

1] those that want peace and no war
2] those that want war and ....want us to kill even more

Its pretty black and white. I know what side of the fence I am on!

Join us ..help promote what this world and my kids and 3 grandkids all need....
They want peace....... (option 1) ......and
(option 2) wont help them in anyway what so ever.

Thanks for hearing me out. I love our troops and vets so much.
I want everyday I wake up for them in Iraq to all come home.
I encourage you to check out this website as well:

It takes courage ...like these grandmothers and all of us Portland folks who are standing up to be counted, we are listening to our hearts, we hear the cry from the battle field. We are not mindlessly following a bull horn. No there was been lots of thoughts and prayers put behind why one fights for peace. Its a belief in that we can make changes and the world can get better if we try .... we got to try through peaceful protesting!

We cry for the pain and the madness .....that wont stop unless enough people demand and end to it ..... I beg you with the compassion you have and your energy and spirit ...please help promote peace ...use your power to --> Promote No More Killing......your solidarity is needed and welcomed!

Thanks From;
.....just an average joe anybody in the Peace and Anti-War Movement

Experience is the best point of reference 11.Feb.2007 10:25

sadder but wiser

"I have been to a few of these rallies for peace and the points that are being made are way off the mark. I feel that if a person is speaking out that the best point of reference is experience. Where is the experience?" asks Silence Dogood.

Where's the experience, you ask---of a group of grandmothers???

C'mon, get real. We have had the experience of loved ones going to Viet Nam--some died, some were wounded. None of us escaped that one unscathed. Now we have the deja vu experience of Iraq. We're older and we have experience in useless wars.

What good is one grandmother banging on a pot with a spoon? Well, what good was one woman refusing to give up her seat on a bus? There comes a time in a person's life when she has to do what she thinks is right. Thank heavens there are some people who don't give a damn what you think or what you say about our actions.