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Surge Protection Brigade:Nonviolent Resisters will Return to Recruiting Center Friday

10:30 am at the Broadway recruiting center, NE Broadway and 13th
Seriously Pissed off Grannies
Seriously Pissed off Grannies
This action is in response to Bush's call for an escalation of the occupation in Iraq. We have chosen this recruiting center because we consider it criminal to tell half-truths and recruit our young men and women to fight in an illegal, immoral occupation.

Martha Odom, one of the Grandmothers who was arrested last week, is back again because, "My grief and rage is demanding that I do everything in my power to make this stop."

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end.

Come for an hour or come for the day. Come hold signs, come talk to the recruiters. Join us to build the momentum to stop the surge and bring our troops home.

SUPPORT THE PROTEST 09.Feb.2007 13:05

Joe Anybody


Stop Fighting ! 09.Feb.2007 15:02

Joe A

20 people outside on the sidewalk
A closed sign on the door (4th week in a row)

Seen a Qwest guy show up to do work inside
He had to leave .....Military Recruiting Is Not Open For Business

Had to go back to work
People still there now! (at 1:30)

Peaceful - no cops - cars honking - no rocking chairs -

That's what I call effective action 09.Feb.2007 17:09

Jody Paulson

Thank you! You may well be saving lives and limbs by keeping those doors closed.

Honor our Women Warriors 09.Feb.2007 22:43


I honor these Women warriors, these Grandmothers, you truly are making a sacrifice and saving lives. To thank you is not enough. We must join you! Come on people! Two thousand people at the gate to Ft. Lewis shining a light on his trial probably had some effect on Lt. Watadas mistrial. Most or many of us there gave up a days wages. We need to continue to sacrifice what we can for this Resistance. To shut down a Recruiting Center is a significant step. Please honor these women and join them.