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Photogs of Rally in Support of Lt. Watada

Some photographs of the events at the Rally in support of Lt. Watada which took place around exit 119 off Interstate 5 near Fort Lewis Washington today.
A large gathering stood in support of Lt. Watada on this day, February 5, 2007, the first day of his Court Martial for standing strong against an illegal and immoral war.

There was much music, strong and inspiring words from Iraq war veterans, their wives and parents, and a puppet theater criminal court trying Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Condi Rice for crimes against the people. Guilty of course, and led off in chains to the loud approval of the crowd.

From about 11:00 am until around 6:00 pm, people passed between the rally in a large field west of the freeway across freeway overpass itself and to the gate leading to Fort Lewis. All along this stretch of road were people from many cities and areas of the country, holding signs and protesting this outrage against our Democracy.

These are some visuals from the days events................

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Thanks Jim 06.Feb.2007 07:00

navy dad

I could not make the trip yesterday, so I appreciate the coverage and photos.

question about banner 06.Feb.2007 07:52

just me

Who made that wonderful Works of Mercy banner? I would love to use it in some of my art work.

Beautiful action!

Suporting the War Resistance 06.Feb.2007 10:14

Joe Anybody

Thanks for the photos Jim ..excellent
I coincidentally have a similar post:

A good few thousand people were there, maybe four or five thousand
A few police by the freeway exits
All kinds of signs, and lots of them....
Music, speeches, puppet show - mock court hearing bush cheney, rummy, rice,
A few pro war demonstrators, lots of car and trucks honking, a few birds flipped at overpass,
free food, free signs, encouraging speakers, a generally a good time... yet all the time it was slightly foggy n cold and the true reason we all were there was in the air.
The base was off to the side of the freeway and seemed so removed, a cloud of seriousness hung over everyone.

The park were most of the speaking and music all happened it was three blocks down from the freeway... if you go across the freeway overpass and then a block down... .. you were at a fenced area which is [Fort Lewis]

I left today's event with a feeling that we need to support "ALL" these military guys and gals who are resisting
They need the solidarity and the backing, the support, and the love. Some are going this route alone

Check back here for more on this topic: www.couragetoresist.org

Also these guys are doing great action work:  http://www.ivaw.org/

It felt good to be out at the military base gate today
I took a great bus ride from Portland, sponsored by Veterans for Peace
Met many great people, and participated in democracy all day in the streets with my teenage son.
Pressing the momentum to encourage and support the tipping point of this illegal war .. "the resistors"

Dear readers 06.Feb.2007 10:55

Veteran for Peace

The family of Augustin Arguayo alone reports they have already incurred 35,000 dollars in legal fees, and he is only one of the many courageous soldiers, sailors and airmen who have refused deployment to this illegal and immoral war. To help them continue to shine a light on the Bush administrations evil acts while offerign themselves the best chance of a defense, please visit www.couragetoresist.org. Any amount is helpful, don't feel silly just sending 5 bux, send it and count on a lot of other folks doing it too. These people need us to support them, don't let them down!

Bankrolling the resisters into oblivion 06.Feb.2007 11:21


I have a feeling the government will bankroll these resisters till they ruined
Hey wait ...thats my tax money the government is using

wise advise 07.Feb.2007 12:12

Joe A

resting at the resistance