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Others Face a Similar Fate as Lt. Watada

Today, as I was standing on the bridge by Ft. Lewis to support Lt. Watada, I saw a woman with two young children who was among those walking past where I was standing. She had no sign but was wearing a shirt that said her husband was facing 7 years in jail for refusing to deploy to Iraq.
It's more than soldiers who resist war, it's their wives and children
It's more than soldiers who resist war, it's their wives and children
No doubt others will write more about the vigil and rally--and I will post some photos later-but I was moved by two other people.
One was a woman. Her name is Helga Aguayo, wife of Agustin Aguayo, who refused to redeploy to Iraq and now faces 7 years in jail.

I asked how I could help.
She said people need to know about her husband. She hoped that people could provide money to help with his defense. And, she said, it was important for people to send letters because they mean a great deal to him.
You can contact them at:

I looked up a story on SPC Agustin Aguayo, who had served in Tikrit in 2004.
There are other soldier who are also refusing to deploy who are facing court martial or have gone AWOL.
As I was driving home from the vigil, it struck me that our work in ending the war will truly become full-time, and that the people who will need support as they just say no to the war machine will keep increasing.
You do what you can do. I can let you know about the Aguayo family and hope you will find ways to help.

Delightful, Softspoken Eloquent Children 07.Feb.2007 14:41


I met these two little girls and their mom at that rally.
They told me the whole thing about their dad being in jail.
It brought tears to my eyes.

How many other moms and dads are imprisoned in Germany right now?
And how many have formally deserted and won't be able to return
for a great deal of time because of this illegal and immoral war?

Send Agustin a postcard - Watch The Video about him 11.Feb.2007 06:11

JOE ANYBODY iam@joe-anybody.com

This lady is a beautiful person ...
She loves her husband, and is trying to tell his story, and what is happening to her family
Now because he does not want to kill ...he is in prison for 7 years

If you heard her story you would know what I am saying...it is emotional and it is touching!
The link below is her story in a short film from Feb 5 at the Lt Watada gathering -By Jim Larkhart

I wrote Agustin and I ask you all to take a moment to send him some good vibes as well if you can?

Click Here to go to a web site she has to help him -->  http://www.aguayodefense.org/

Watch the video Link and hear Helga tell us how much he needs encouragement and solidarity and love.
Check the video out -By Jim located on the Indy Media Link link below it is EXCELLENT it is her and a couple other moms speaking up about their children's stances on this damn war:


He is a war resistor ..he needs all of our support