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TheStand interview: Occupation Project in Portland

phone conversation with Troy Horton, peace activist and civil resister of Portland; We talk about his action and arrest at Senator Gordon Smith's office on January 25th and plans for stepped up action at Smith's office beginning February 12th. Trot also reads the "nonviolence pledge" that participants in this civil resistance action are asked to sign. 13:11 length in MP3 format
Troy Horton talks about Occupation Project
Troy Horton talks about Occupation Project
thank you to Troy for his time and commitment. more info at the website www.defundthewar.com
or for Occupation Project elsewhere: Voices for Creative Nonviolence- vcnv.org
for other interviews of activists: radio4all.net (search- "TheStand" or "burgwin")

phone: phone: 541-942-8365