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Thank You Ehren Watada Rally Brings Thousands To the Streets Near Ft. Lewis

It feels like about 7000 of us are here rallying
to stand up for LT Watada at the beginning of his court martial.
But that's hard to tell for sur because we're in three different places over 60 acres of land or so and walking to and fro perpetually.
More are coming in still from all over the country as well.
Thank You Left Tenant!
Thank You Left Tenant!
Believe The Geneva
Believe The Geneva
Here are the first two pics I could get out.
I promise higher resolution and better views as soon as I get near wifi. :)

thanks marco 05.Feb.2007 15:56


I'm glad to hear there's good turnout.

good coverage on Truthout.com 06.Feb.2007 17:36