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Army journal maps out the future for the middle east with Kurdish nationalist map

this map is a great gateway into what the military is thinking about.

the impossible!

the people responsible for this article have obviously done little research into who actually lives on the borders they want to change. from looking at their map, one source would surely be the Kurdish nationalist lobby.

Each ethnic group in the middle east has a fanatic nationalist wing with lots of power and each one of these factions has their own nationalist map which usually includes lands currently inhabited by rival ethnic groups. The maps are usually based in some ancient times when the particular ethnic group's empire was at it's peak in land mass.
this article includes a before and after picture of the middle east. it's scary.

it involves the ethnic cleansing of as many as 70 million people off their native lands.


an article on the national aspirations of kurdish nationalists, who are US allies in Iraq and Iran:

here are a few problems on the map from what i know:

--30% of Turkey's national border is carved up and given to Kurdistan. There are an estimated 25 million turks, Armenians, Azeris and others who live on this land.

--mt Ararat and most of Armenia's historic lands are also given to Kurdistan.

--Iran's third largest city Tabriz(population 4 million) whose inhabitants are 90% Azeri is given to Kurdistan.

--There is another major Iranian city (Urumiyeh, population 2 million), which is the capitol of the easter azerbaijan province of Iran. 80-90% of the population in Urumiyeh is also Azeri.

--Most of Pakistan's territory is given to the Baluchis, and Afghanis. Good luck cramming Pakistan's 160 million or so people into that tiny area that is future Pakistan.

--Turkmen who live on the NE border of Iran will want to join their long lost brethren to the North in Turkmenistan.

--There's no mention of Talyshistan on the Caspian coast. these folks are also running an independance campaign both against Tehran and Baku.

--"the arab shia state"???? give me a break. basically this new country will have control of all the oil in the middle east with the exception of Kuwait. It looks like the Saudis will lose their oil rights.

--"the islamic sacred state"???? my god this one is so ridiculous i won't even bother.

--Sunni Iraq is also a pipe dream and Syria will not stand by as it loses territory to both Sunni Iraq and the US ally Jordan.

some food for thought!

... 02.Feb.2007 18:03

this thing here

the assertion in this article that boundaries in the middle east are screwed up, and the result of primarily european colonialist designs from the last century, is correct. iraq, in particular, was arbitrarily drawn up, with no regard for tribal or religious sects. and look what's happening...

however, here we see yet again the same process all over again.

a presumable white man thousands of miles away is sitting down and drawing lines on a map. in this case, to clean up the mess left by a white man drawing lines on a map from thousands of miles away 100 years earlier.

hmm, somebody very important has been left out of this, again. oh yeah, THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE. gee, what do they want? why not just let them draw their own lines, fight it out by themselves?

because of the oil and our addiction. because nothing can get between a junky and his fix. the damn elephant in the room, hovering over everything and never going away...

the maps 03.Feb.2007 03:21

"before" and "after"

But I wouldn't put much stake in the US having the power to draw any new boundaries in the middle east. I think those days are long gone. I also wouldn't worry too much about Peters. Like most of the hawks his credibility has been shattered by not seeing the situation in Iraq accurately from before the US invasion began. I mean, really, so many people predicted exactly what has happened, that the UUS military would become bogged down by Iraqis who are rightfully and legally resisting the foreign occupation of their country. This is the same man who said that he couldn't find the Iraqi civil war about a year ago. Still, it's important to pay attention to these schemers. Through their fantasies one can understand and predict their actions with a high degree of accuracy, and that is useful to those who oppose imperialism.
"before" i.e. now
"after" i.e. the neocon wet dream

Keep the Army busy... 04.Feb.2007 03:31


...painting stall stripes on their base parking lots and rearanging furniture in their barracks.

Link to .pdf version of map, zoom capable:
 link to rockyweb.cr.usgs.gov
Before AND After!
Before AND After!