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6 arrested at the Recruiting Center

We will post updates as to charges, and let you know when these folks are released.
all 6 still in custody 02.Feb.2007 13:34

portland legal defense network

3 of the protesters have received a citation with a fine of $3,500.

charges 02.Feb.2007 15:17

portland legal defense network

person number one- cited with disorderly conduct

person number two-cited with disorderly conduct 2, interfering with a police officer, and pedestrian obstruction of a sidewalk.

person number three-cited with disorderly conduct 2, interfering with a police officer, and pedestrian obstruction of a sidewalk.

person number four-cited with disorderly conduct

person number five-cited for disorderly conduct

person number six-cited for interfering with a police officer.

the six are being released 02.Feb.2007 16:39

portland legal defense network

The six people arrested earlier are being released.

What about a defense fund ? 02.Feb.2007 16:46

V & G

You guys are awesome !! We so appreciate everyones efforts. We understand the police took your signs. Well we will be glad to help you restock. We were wondering about the fines incurred and if there is an address where the rest of us can send $ towards the fines. If everyone sent just a bit , we can so ease the financial burden of these folks who are giving it their all. They deserve our support !

Bravo! SPB!! 02.Feb.2007 17:12


Wish I could have been there with you, I was cheering you on from up north. You rock! Literally!

Love, Terri

One heck of an action 02.Feb.2007 17:19


These women are very brave peace soldiers, and I find their action a riot. Sitting there on rocking chairs knitting. Can we pass the hat for them to help pay those huge fines? I was there this afternoon, and stood with about 6 others. I had to bring my body there, and would have liked to have been there for the arrests. I support them. Good work!

Excellent People 02.Feb.2007 18:02

Den Mark, Vancouver

I was at the scene from 11:00 & was impressed with the typical spirit & dignity & intelligence of protesters. Sad thing is that despite MOUNTAINS of proof that protesters have been & are correct, they still get arrested. It's like "the system" has no functional brain cells, no collective memory, like every protest is some new thing & not part of a continuum. One cop said he has no problem with freedom of expression, but does with blocking businesses. "Businesses"? What kind of "business" is a recruiting center. Recruiting for death is a "business"?! Which must have its doors accessible at all times?!

There can be no relaxation of protest pressure, because society is idiotic.

breaking news 02.Feb.2007 18:06

from the day

breaking news - February 2
3:30PM PST:About 10 people are still protesting at the recruiting center.
1:25PM PST:6 Surge Protection Brigade protesters (all grandmothers) are still in custody. 3 of them who were cited twice were each given $3,500 dollar fines.
10:57AM PST:The Surge Protection Brigade plans to continue protest outside of the recruiting center for the rest of the day. They welcome others to join them.
10:33AM PST:6 people have been arrested and taken into custody. All of the chairs and signs have been confiscated by the police. People are still protesting outside.
10:24AM PST:The 3 people arrested have been cited for trespass and released. Protest continues.
10:11AM PST:There have been 3 arrests at the back entrance of the recruiting center.
10:10AM PST:15 cops on the scene with cameras and are video taping. 3 news channels taping the standoff.
9:45AM PST:"Den Mark, Vancouver" suggests, "One way to support this action might be to phone the recruiters & tell them to go home. 503-284-4005"
9:41AM PST:Police van has pulled up. 10 cops massing. Back hallway locked, with protesters still inside.
9:26AM PST:A recruiter named "Krest" has pushed the woman again with the door to the Center. Portland police have told the recruiter to go back in the building. The recruiter said that he had been ordered to take pictures of the protesters.
8:57AM PST:4 police officers at the scene have threatened the women with arrest. A recruiter was caught on video pushing a woman out of the way at the back door and entering the building.
8:38AM PST:Both front and back doors of the recruiting center on 13th and Broadway are blocked by the women of the Surge Protection Brigade. One recruiter just tried to enter through the back door and was not able to do so.
8:22AM PST:Ten women blocking entrance to the Recruiting Center. Two are in rocking chairs, a third in an easy chair; they are knitting.

Corporate Video Coverage 02.Feb.2007 18:10


 link to www.kgw.com



Nice work today ladies!

With love and solidarity from Olympia.

On fines... 02.Feb.2007 18:20


Knowing some of these brave grannies, I expect that will want to fight the charges, the fines, and the whole damned system. I doubt that any of them would be willing to pay hefty fines without a fight. It's a nice offer, but I would wait until they request help with paying fines. I believe that all of these folks are more concerned with stopping the war than the legal consequences of their actions. But if you want to donate to the cause, let me suggest Peace and Justice Works  http://www.rdrop.com/~pjw/index.html or whatever group you think is doing good work.

Good Night from the Grannies of SPB 02.Feb.2007 20:21

Grannie M

Thanks for your support, kudos...
It's been a terrific day, except - we haven't stopped the war
Grannies say: Whatever you are doing right now, today, tomorrow, it is not as CRITICAL as stopping this F*#@@%$ madness.
While the war escalates, the fabric of our country unravels

The folks in D.C. just don't get it.

We have to make them know this MUST STOP NOW.


Love to y'all
Grannie M NightNight