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Reality knocks, nobody Home!

All demagogues and most politicians are familiar with the curious phenomenon of the diminished intelligence of a crowd relative to the mean intelligence quotient of all the individuals that comprise it! The level of intelligence of a crowd decreases as the size of the crowd increases. Less known, however, is the diminished ability of the crowd to act without the assistance of an orchestrater or conductor. In the face of the most heinous crimes, today's populations are conspicuous by their complacency, silence and inability to act. The crowd waits patiently for an appropriate catalyst or activator to trigger an appropriate response.
People across the globe remain perplexed over the fact that three of the world's highest profile mass murderers, Bush, Blair and Howard, have not been apprehended for their glaringly obvious crimes. The highly incriminating statistics published by the world's most respected medical journal, Lancet, are damning to the extreme; however, regardless of the incriminating evidence no action has been taken to apprehend the three most culpable leaders in the world today. No other individuals on the planet could hope to match the record of death and destruction directly attributable to Bush, Blair and Howard. Has justice gone on holiday or has the western legal system been thoroughly corrupted?

Iraq today is a living hell with an official death toll now exceeding 655,000, yet the appropriate authorities (international and local) are powerless to act against the new criminal elites of the world. These elites are so brazen and arrogant they make a mockery of civilised society and the Law. Confident that their colleagues in the mass media will ensure the public's attention does not dwell on the liability of the most heinous crimes of the 21st century, the criminal elites continue to display their thorough contempt by flaunting their crimes openly!

Perhaps it is true, the crowd/masses are deserving of their lot; tailored, dyed and fitted for servitude and slavery, they deserve exactly what they have earned!

The world belongs to those who are able to take it and sheep are fit for slaughter.

Before you go take a long look at your leaders; John Howard is without doubt the most cowardly leader the world have ever produced; his cowardice is only matched by Bush's legendary stupidity which is complimented by the effeminate passivity of the big girl himself, Tony Blair.

If the people are unable to deal with these three miserable human types, then they should be surrendered to their well-earned fate.

What a perfect disgrace!


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