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The dems must step up now
Will be in front of Sen. Wyden's office on Thursday, Feb 1-2007 from 11:45AM to about 1:30 PM. I truly believe the dems have to be kicked in the ass every few days or they will take the easy way out of this mess called the Occupation of Iraq. My sign will say:




"Want to take a ride------11:30-1:30---Sen. Wyden's office Feb 1 @ 1220 SW 3rd Ave. outside. I will be flying my American Flag at half-mast for those who will die between the 1st and the 8th of February. Now for my rant!


Almost everyday I hear some NeoCon or a supporter of the Bush madness say something like, "We have not been attacked since 9/11 and that shows that Bush is doing a good job." I have to take deep breaths and say calming things under my breath in order not to throw something. We have been attacked again and again but not by al Qaeda.

We have been attacked by our own government in every way you can imagine, in our homes---in our churches---in our privacy---in our souls. The Bush administration has tortured, murdered and caused the rest of the world to wonder what terrible mental disease has struck the United States of America. This new illness should be called "Mental Syphilis." The Bill of Rights is now just a piece of paper, and Bush likes to make paper planes out of a copy of the Constitution. Wars and more wars!

There are now so many spy agencies that they spy on themselves for weeks before they know that they are spying on spies. We have the FBI, NAS, IRS, HOMELAND NUTS, DOD, NIS, MILITARY INTEL, CIA, CID, and these are off the top of my head---there are lots more. We are a country under siege but not from al Qaeda.

Have you wondered why al Qaeda has not committed another attack on our cities? The first question you should ask yourself is, can they?

Our borders are wide open, according to Lou Dobbs and others, people are coming across at unprecedented rates. Al Qaeda is aware of this route and what about just coming in as a tourist or a student----easy. You do know that when you fly your baggage is searched but everything else in the storage part of the plane is not searched or screened---al Qaeda knows this by now. So why haven't they attacked us?

The first attack on the towers in New York took place in 1993, the next attack came in 2001, eight years later. This is not a group who is interested in taking out a bus or train in the US, they want something bigger than 9/11---and that should scare the hell out of all of us. That is why the 9/11 Commission recommended so many changes in the way we do things; Bush said no---not needed. The Democratic Congress is moving as fast as they can to implement all of the Commission recommendations, and that is a good first step. This is five years after 9/11---Are we safer?

So, all you people who think that BushCo is making your life safer---think again. Unless we find some way of understanding what is happening in the world, we will suffer attacks by people who feel that we treat them with contempt. Bush and many of our State Dept. people as late as last year could not tell you the difference between Shiites and Sunni. We are being led by the worst kind of loons---dumb loons.

Just imagine a President who stands before the American people and the rest of the world and says, "We went into Iraq because we thought they were going to attack us---we were wrong. We went into Iraq because the people of Iraq wanted to have a chance at democracy, we were wrong. We went into Iraq with the intentions of solving the Middle East problems, naive and wrong. We tried but failed to free Iraq we now ask the world to help us put Iraq back together. As an act of good faith, we will stop all construction on permanent bases, embassies, or any other plan that even looks like we want to stay. We will and have cancelled all deals made by Mr. Brenner or any representatives of the United States. We will, after our troops are withdrawn in the next few months, make war reparations to the government of Iraq. The government of Iraq should be what the people want and not what outsiders demand. We will work with all those countries who want to see a strong and independent Iraq. This is only the first part of a series of events that will happen in the near future. Gitmo will be closed and all prisoners be given a fair trial or released as soon as possible, the International Red Cross will be given this task and our military who control all camps will be removed and replaced with human rights agencies. We will call for a regional summit to resolve problems about borders and other grievances outstanding to this day.""

Now can you, in your most optimistic moment, imagine Bush or Cheney saying anything close to this?

Bush's answer to any problem is to kill it, maybe that is why we had a bug man in charge of the House before 2006. Bush and Cheney should go the way of the bug man---go away and be tried for their crimes.

In peace and hope,

Joe----Lone Vet
Portland, Or.


homepage: homepage: http://www.Squadron13.com

Wyden Office visit 30.Jan.2007 19:20

navy dad

Joe, I will be there.My son is part of that carrier attack group going to the Persian Gulf.Before pushing off two weeks ago,he urged me to support all the soldiers,air personnel and sailors by attending every demonstration to end the occupation of Iraq now!Impeachment is not off the table.

connecting the dots to 911 Truth 30.Jan.2007 19:45

Joe Anybody

I agree with everything you said
You are absolutely right!

I would like to add that "Bush Knew about 911" !!
It was allowed to happen (hence the Pear Harbor reference we keep hearing about)

(Neocons at work)

Study the 911 Truths and .....alot of the mess we are in today starts to make sense. When the 9-11 attack is factored into the mix then it starts to become weird ..."The dots are connected" and 911 truths hold the key.

By allowing 911 to happen --> "The Patriot Act /Homeland Security and War" have been the only cards in the deck and for that matter just about the only thing on the table. All else has been used for toilet paper or paper airplanes. Well how convenient that all panned out to be!

9-11 has been the key pivot point by the Neocons (now that in its self should make a guy wonder) (even how you mentioned the use of referring to 'no attacks since 911' is used constantly...or threats of "we will be attacked again" are used ...it is that pivot 911 thread drilled in over n over?

Well I not only wonder .....I know!

We have been set up to be abused. And citizens, this is what abuse feels like!

Check the link below for lots of info on 911 Truth

If not that at least there is a lot of points that ought to make a person say "Hey! explain this to me?" ...and then see if it gets explained <logically> by any of these Neocon crooks???

who attacked us? 30.Jan.2007 23:02


we (the people of the united states of america) have been under attack and under military occupation at least since WWI. Al queida was a CIA creation, though undoubtedly greatly elaborated by non-CIA elements. Osama is an American creation, though now he serves global masters.

So what? And who is behind all this?

Not reptilian shape shifters. Just ordinary human beings, augmented with the power of petroleum, working through global corporate structures. They can be exposed and defeated -- destroying dragons didn't end in the dark ages.

I love this guy! 30.Jan.2007 23:30


Why aren't there more of him? They are our best hope?

Mornin Joe :) 31.Jan.2007 08:54


You'll have company today. VFP72 is holding a stand from 11-1 daily thru President's Day, Feb 19 right there at Terry Schrunk Plaza across from the Fed Bldg.

All you downtown people, come stand with us as we, by our physical presence, remind our new Democrat-led Congress that we are watching!

the people united will never be defeated 31.Jan.2007 12:35

samrod wetrat samrod7@yahoo.com

Great point, Skeptic, and I heartily agree, though I would not dispense so quickly with the notion of reptilian influence amongst these gangsters. the title above refers to repeated street chant of the Bolivian people when, after years of repression, rape and pillage by the Global Conglomeration, up to an including the privatization of even the rain from the sky, they suffered enough death and indignity to defeat temporarily that particular monster. What did it take? Sacrifice, dedication, street struggle, the endangerment of family and friends...the missing of a Happy Meal or two. In other words, all the elements missing from the complacent table of the American population.
Getting out on the avenues and creating a moment for media affects nothing. It happens too infrequently and the Control takes and provides little notice between their reports on Lindsay's' remarkable 2 week stay at rehab, or P. Hiltons' lost treasure trove of scandalous goodies. The only way to disenfranchise this Power is monetarily, and this is somewhat difficult because "THEY" own and print it cost free and charge us to carry it. What's left? What does history tell us? I see blood. There is no easy and certainly no democratic way of changing this here and worldwide. We have crossed the Rubicon. What is left is preparation for the inevitable, and certainly the next contrived terrorist event that will provoke the fear of us folk and the increased popularity of our "chosen" leaders. We all saw what happened after 911. A shameful reaction of what esteems itself as an educated population. the fact that after daily outrages committed against ourselves, the world, and the Constitution have been met with no resistance other than internet chatter (which will shortly be extinguished) is more than enough evidence for me to conclude their agenda has been and will be successful, and the transference of the Nazi regime to American shores after corporate support before, during and after the War, has achieved its mythic proportion of Phoenix Rising.
Unless there is a sudden blinding/unblinding awakening of our consciousness as a people we will feel what Orwell foresaw as the future of mankind...the iron boot on our necks.

nobleese oblige/salto mortale

309 sw 4th ave portland, oregon