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Situationist Reading Group

Group that gathers around Situationist theory and practice to meet this Saturday.
"Once one controls the mechanism which operates the only form of social verification to be fully and universally recognized, one can say what one likes. The spectacle proves its arguments simply by going round in circles: by coming back to the start, by repetition, by constant reaffirmation in the only space left where anything can be publicly affirmed, and believed, precisely because that is the only thing to which everyone is witness. Spectacular power can similarly deny whatever it likes, once, or three times over, and change the subject; knowing full well there is no danger of any riposte, in its own space or any other.

"For the agora, the general community, has gone, along with communities restricted to intermediary bodies or to independant institutions, to salons or cafes, or to workers in a single company. There is no place left where people can discuss the realities which concern them, because they can never lastingly free themselvese form the crushing presence of media discourse and of the various forces organized to relay it."

Guy Debord 1988 from Comments on the Society of the Spectacle

be realistic, demand the impossible!

We'll be meeting this Saturday 1-3pm at the Red&Black. (SE 22nd & Division). You are welcome to join in the discussion.
Currently reading as a group Society of the Spectacle (1st chapter for this week).

entire book available at link below.


for info. email Avalon at situationistreader(at)yahoo.com

Possible Bibliography:
Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord
Comments on the Society of the Spectacle Guy Debord
Selected text from the Situationist International
The Revolution of Everyday Life Raoul Vaneigem
Overviews and reports on the past and present use of Situtationist techniques and strategies (to be explored)
Peripheral Situationist, post-situ and proto-situ (etc.) texts (to be explored)
Screening of video of film Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord

Bravo - 25.Mar.2007 09:14


this related with Marcuse: "One-Dimensional Man", except Marcues is main concerned with the lose of the inner space where possible alternatives to the "spectacle" can arise.

A long time ago, I had decided to parse the sections of the online publication at bopsecrets into smaller html pages that could be individually searched and cross-related. I was just planning to give it another try.

Glad to hear you have a group going: unfortunately, I'm not nearby.