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prison Dispatch from Jeffrey Free Luers and reminder about sticker art

Dear Friends,
Below is the latest prison Dispatch from Jeff. Also included below is a Letter to the Editor written by Jeff, which appeared last week in the Eugene Weekly.
In addition, please remember that we are soliciting art work for a new sticker design. Our deadline is February 3rd, but if you need more time, please let us know.
Thank you all for your support,
Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers
Jeffrey Free Luers January 22, 2007 Prison Dispatch

It is no secret to many of my friends and loved ones that I have become hardened and
numb to so many things. In fact, my cynicism has become one of my endearing
qualities. I am greatly amazed by that.

So, it may sound strange that for the first time since I began my struggle against
human caused climate change I am hopeful.

Global warming is upon us. We are feeling its impact and witnessing its effects. And
it is only going to get worse. But, it is not too late to start mitigating those
impacts and start reversing the trend.

Right now, as I write, congress is discussing introducing four new bills to combat
climate change. Finally, the United States government is starting to take steps
toward challenging global warming. This could be a historic first step.

For years, the Earth Liberation Front and other clandestine groups have targeted
companies responsible for climate change. These actions have been carried out in an
effort to punish these companies, bring public awareness to the dangers of climate
change and create social change.

We may now be taking the first steps toward realizing these goals. And while I'm not
so egotistical or deluded to claim this as a victory, it is an opportunity.

It is an opportunity we must take and act on with full force. Our militants have
spoken with action and will doubtlessly continue to do so if necessary. But now is
the time for us to push for change with diplomacy.

I am asking that all activist groups coordinate a grassroots campaign to influence
congress, the senate and the media. Now is the time for a coordinated letter and
phone campaign demanding the following actions be taken:

* Official recognition that global warming is a serious threat to the economic,
social, and environmental well-being of the United States
* Implementation of a cap on carbon dioxide emissions without exception for aging
factories or industry
* Mandatory increase of vehicle gas mileage
* Support for alternative sustainable energies in the form of government investment,
tax breaks and grants
* Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol

One idea would be for groups to write sample letters. Then table with them gathering
signatures for the letters and sending them all at once to their members of congress
and senate.

This is our first real chance to create a government policy on global warming. It
may be reformist or compromising and may end up being far from what is needed. But
we must do everything in our power to ensure that laws are created that are as
effective as possible at curbing green house emissions. This is our chance to truly
fight for a better, healthier planet and begin moving away from harmful industry
practices. Please do not fail to act. Get involved.

With hope for a greener future,

- Jeffrey Free Luers

Write to:

Jeffrey Luers #13797671
Oregon State Prison
2605 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97310

For more information: www.freejeffluers.org

Call for Art: Support Jeffrey Luers
We are going to be printing more stickers soon, and we would like a new design -
with your help. Please send us your submissions by February 3rd, preferably by email
in an attached jpg file scan (  freefreenow@mutualaid.org) or they can be mailed to
Jeff?s Support Network, PO Box 3: Eugene, OR 97440.
The design must be in black and white and incorporate the website name
www.freejeffluers.org and the name Jeffrey ?Free? Luers (or leave room for us to add
in later) and the image should be related to support of Jeff and political
prisoners. The stickers will be approximately 2.5 inches x 4.25 inches.
To see previous designs, go to

1.  http://freefreenow.org/drooker.jpg
2.  http://images.indymedia.org/imc/portland/jeffsticker.jpg
3.  http://freefreenow.org/pix/june05sticker.jpg

Again, the deadline for submissions is February 3, 2007. The artist selected will
get recognition and a big stack of free stickers. Please contact us with any
questions at  freefreenow@mutualaid.org
Thanks so much again for all of your support!
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers
Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440


I'm writing in response to Randy Kolb's letter (12/28). As an incarcerated radical
environmentalist, convicted of arson, I have been labeled a terrorist by both the
state and the media. I am accustomed to such condemnations. However, I find it
extremely offensive to be compared to a right-wing pro-life arsonist.

I will readily agree that property destruction, especially arson, can be perceived
as violent. In some cases that is the most appropriate label. Just as in some cases
it is the most appropriate tactic. Yet, there are extreme differences in how
violence is directed and when it is deemed justifiable by the public.

Pro-lifers who use violence do so in order to subjugate women and force their moral
beliefs on them, taking away not only a woman's right to choose, but her right to be
safe. Eco-saboteurs use violence to attack an economic structure that has lent to
global and mass extinction. This isn't a self-righteous struggle: It is a legitimate
resistance based on scientific evidence. It is also a struggle supported by millions
and millions of people worldwide.

I'm not interested in saving you, Mr. Kolb. This struggle is bigger than you or me.
My concern rests with keeping corporate money-grubbing hands and their government
yes men from destroying the ecological and biological diversity of this planet. If
more Americans took an interest in American foreign policy or took steps to curb
out-of-control corporations, maybe concerned youths wouldn't feel like the only hope
lies in their resistance.

Jeffrey Luers, Salem

homepage: homepage: http://www.freejeffluers.org
address: address: Free's Defense Fund; PO Box 3; Eugene, OR 97440