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Support the Panther 8! Bail Set Today at $3-5 Million!

Support for the Panther 8 is gelling rapidly. A new website has been set up by Claude Marks from the Freedom Archives (and creator of the film "Legacy of Torture") at  http://www.cdhrsupport.org, as well as a list for alerts and updates on the case (which you can subscribe to from the website.)

There was a hearing today in San Francisco to set bail for the four defendants in California.

Set up a showing of "Legacy of Torture" in your city to help raise legal defense funds!
Lyndon's report from today's hearing:

The first court hearing for the four defendants who live in California --Richard Brown, Hank Jones, Richard O'Neal, and Ray Boudreaux was held in San Francisco Superior Court this morning, January 29, 2007. They are presently being held on bail of $3 million to $5 million each (!). Their arraignment and a bail reduction hearing was carried over until February 14 at 9:00 a.m. The Superior Court is at 850 Bryant Street in SF.

In addition to numerous reporters, thirty or forty supporters of the four defendants were present in the courtroom. Attorneys for each of the four spoke to the media after the brief hearing. It will be good if people can turn out for the arraignment and bail reduction hearing on Valentine's Day. These men need to get bailed out, which is impossible with the present absurd bail amounts.

More than 150 people attended the memorial service for John Bowman on Sunday, January 28 in the Fillmore district. This heartfelt event celebrated his lifelong work in the community. John had also been one of those refusing to cooperate with the 2005 grand jury in San Francisco . San Francisco police stated to the media that they would have arrested him as well as the other eight defendants had he not recently passed away. Because of that, and because of the one defendant, Ronald Bridgeforth, who hasn't yet been arrested, one wonders if this should be thought of as the Panther 10 case?

The premiere screening of the new video Legacy of Torture at the Roxie on January 28 drew an overflow crowd. An impromptu second showing had to be held since there wasn't nearly enough room in the theatre for all of those who showed up. Congratulations to everyone who worked on this must-see video, which is also available on DVD. Claude Marks from the Freedom Archives announced that public showings will be forthcoming in a number other cities soon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cdhrsupport.org