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9.11 investigation

A former 9-11 Commissioned makes a Freudian Slip

Tim Roemer on CNN makes 9-11 Freudian slip
Im not sure if anyone has seen this video clip of Tim
Roemer, former 9-11 Commissioner, making a freudian
slip while being interviewed on CNN:


he says 'missile..er...airplane'...
Theres a quick correction, indicating he didnt mean to
say missile-airplane, but made a slip.
I was alerted to this nice little find on a IMDB site.

asdf 30.Jan.2007 13:49


Maybe he did it intentionally to subtly let the public know what he knows: that 9/11 was a U.S. orchestrated false-flag attack.

Yep 30.Jan.2007 16:06


Yeah, ive seen this before in videos. I think it was in Loose Change II, but I am not sure. I have seen so many now.

rumsfeld 30.Jan.2007 23:29


I think rumsfeld made the same slip once. It seems like he something like "the flight that was shot down over pennsylvania". does anybody remember this? does anybody have a link to the video?

rumsfeld video 30.Jan.2007 23:38


here's a link to that video:


"A Period of Consequences" - The Citadel - September 23, 1999 31.Jan.2007 17:55

Governor George W. Bush

"These weapons can be delivered, not just by ballistic missiles, but by everything from airplanes to cruise missiles, from shipping containers to suitcases."


US gov't destroyed WTC 31.Jan.2007 21:05


Check this out -- a well written article

Freudian slip? 02.Feb.2007 17:05

Xevius Mothership Destroyer

Missile? Airplane? Are you trying to say Roemer is stuck in the phallic stage? That would indicate he doesn't "slip" with respect to the hole in the Pentagon.

Rumsfeld video Removed 03.Mar.2007 12:05


Does anybody know where it is ?
The freudian slip of rumsfelds missile?