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Humanists of Greater Portland

"From Mormon to Apatheist"
Speaker: Sue Emmett
Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 9:30AM to 11AM
Friendly House Community Center
1737 NW 26th (between Savier and Thurman Street), Portland
Do you ----

Seek improvement in this life by applying reason, science, and free inquiry to solving human problems?

Advocate freedom, happiness, and progress for all humanity?

Believe in using the democratic process to seek justice and fairness for all societies?

Support moral principles that have been validated by consequences?

Feel a kinship with the natural world?

Hold humans responsible for human destiny?

Seek natural rather than supernatural explanations?

Then GUESS WHAT? You're a Humanist too! Come meet like minded people, make
new friends and have some fun!

Humanists of Greater Portland
At Friendly House
9:30AM to 11AM Every Sunday Morning.
1737 NW 26th (between Savier and Thurman Street)

"From Mormon to Apatheist
Speaker: Sue Emmett
Sunday, February 4, 2007 at 9:30AM to 11AM

After living for 55 years as a devout and very active Mormon, Sue Emmett acted
on all the information she had gathered for years, and left the faith of her
fathers. A few years later she classified herself as an agnostic. Sue's
presentation will give you information about the doctrines and dogmas of the
"Family Friendly" Mormon Church that are unknown to most people and some
insights into her journey away from all that she had believed. An apatheist, by
the way, is someone who just really doesn't CARE whether there is a god or not.