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1st Rule of Freedom

1st Rule of Freedom
1st Rule of Freedom


Conscientiousness is not subject to the 'Rule of Law' (eg. it is not illegal to cross on a green light when there is no traffic).

Patience be with us all.



2nd rule of freedom? 29.Jan.2007 18:08

salto mortale samrod7@yahoo.com

participation! not to add upon the redundancy of lies fed to us by the CABAL, but outside the contraints of their Orwellian language, "freedom is not free". from what i understand public schools no longer require civics as a class. even though we suffered under the same illusion of democracy back in the fifties, to a large extent it was more palatable and easily digested because we were at least, on the surface, being given the tools to alter any form of repression apparent. today we have an in-your-face attack upon our written liberties and lie upon lie in the successful Nazi mold (the regime did not die, just changed venues).there is no pretense, and in their own words they have stated what the agenda is. yes, it has Illuminatis tones, whether the connection is strong to you or not. it is apocolyptic in nature and involves chaos that order may be pled for by the populace.
i am continually discouraged at Americans' lackadasical attitude towards self-governace in the face of outrage after outrage. not until the beast is inside their door will most shout out, and then only into the silence.
so, the second rule would be participation in every act of life of the citizenry. it is contingent upon us to march with torches and pitchforks against the castle,
excuse the romantic language, but unfortunately it has all been corrupted, and only action can accurately annunciate the meaning.
dig out the old Steppenwolf album Monster and sing the chorus loudly enough to wake the neighbors. this is politically correct behavior.

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conscientiousness 01.Feb.2007 10:42


paying taxes is not a conscientious act. If it is not conscientious, it's really stupid.