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0129 am 'Get This' news

summary of the KBOO am news for Monday, January 29th, 2007.
01/29/07 Get This
sui generis

1. This last Saturday in Portland local veterans, 'Surge Protectors' and other activists joined the rest of the civilized world in demanding that the madness of King George be stopped. King George, of course, won't be stopping by himself any time soon. He can't, poor thing. What this is going to take is a global "intervention" wherein world leaders sit George down and tell him how it's going to be - In all probability Hu (Jintau) it's going to be...
2. In Seattle thousands of people filled the streets, expressing everything from mild concern to profound outrage at the goings on in Washington, DC, Iraq and Afghanistan. (Need I remind you what country is sandwiched neatly between the latter two nations... .)
3. The Old College Try: There is a bill pending in the Oregon legislature that would award the state's seven Electoral College votes to the candidate who winds the popular vote nationally, regardless of who wins the state.
4. The anti-war rally in Washington DC was estimated to draw 400 thousand protestors - probably more like 500 thousand, but who's counting? But the administration remains committed to an idée fixe' and nothing is going to shake Iraq from Republican wet dreams. The regime in the White House is both tight-lipped and stone deaf to the will of the people... .
5. Queasy Does It: The Oregon Patient Safety Commission is asking hospitals to voluntarily report so-called "adverse effects". Such as? Such as leaving pieces of equipment inside people, operating on the wrong side, performing the wrong surgery... little goof-ups like that. Presently, hospitals have no obligation to share the gory details of mishaps with the general public.
6. Death Of A Thousand Cuts: Freightliner has cut another 800 jobs - just when you thought there were not 80 Freightliner jobs left to cut. The company's Swan Island plant is being retrofitted to make only military vehicles and a few Western Star trucks.
7. The Secure Rural Schools and community Self-Determination Act - which expired in December - is going to cost Oregon $149 million dollars if Congress does not vote to reauthorize it by March. At which point we will learn just how democratic the Democrats really are... .Until then, we'll just have to take their word that they really, really, really don't like the war... .
8. According to a poll an overwhelming 92 percent of Oregon small business owners oppose Governor Kulongoski's proposal to make a little money for the welfare of Oregonians. The Guv wants a 2 percent surcharge on car insurance premiums that pay for coverage above the minimum required by state law. As you might expect it was a "push" poll conducted by a business organization. Businesses in Oregon have been the fat, greedy little beneficiaries of myriad tax breaks over the years. This is just more icing on more cake.
9. In Washing DC on the National Mall, everyone from John Conyers to Jane Fonda spoke out about the massive illegality, brutality and sheer stupidity of the war in Iraq and the chaos in Afghanistan.
10. The Senate is going to debate a nonbinding resolution condemning the war in Iraq. (That way our elected representatives can go on record as both opposing the war and supporting the troops and the rest of us will continue to remain the recipients of the royal screwing King George in dishing up... .)
11. Some Like It Hot: With the rising use of radioisotopes in medicine and the growing use of radiation detectors in a security-obsessed nation, patients are triggering alarms in places where they may not even realize they're being scanned. (And that's not even taking into consideration the amounts of depleted uranium floating around. Ballast in commercial aircraft? D.U.!)
12. There is a new film out, 'Black Gold'' that is giving Starbucks the coffee jitters. The film shows malnourished coffee growers depending on handouts of food from the US to stave off starvation, while Starbucks executives and shareholders enjoy golden showers of profits from the suffering of the indentured labor that grows the coffee that makes them rich.
13. The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill: Psychiatrist Marc Sadowsky is testifying next week in defense of a New Hampshire law that bans the commercial use of information on what drugs physicians prescribe. Apparently pharmaceutical companies were using said information to make the rounds of doctors offices pressuring the medics to buy their drugs and not drugs they were currently using.
14. Hillary Clinton thinks George Bush is "irresponsible."
15. An Iraqi-born Dutch citizen accused of plotting to attack Americans in Iraq has been extradited to the US.
16. In Najaf, Iraq, Something on the order of 300 gunmen have been killed. The dubious story goes that these dead men belonged to a cult - the Soldiers of Heaven - that was camped out in an orchard preparing to attack Shiite pilgrims on their way to the shrine of Ali in Najaf for the Ashura holiday. Some reports had it that both Sunnis and Shiites were among the assembled fighters. and apparently the combat was heavily subsidized by the US military. It looks to me more like an alliance between different sects in the name of driving Americans out... .
17. Gentlemen! No Fighting In The War Room! Representatives of Palestine's warring factions have agreed to meet in Mecca.
18. Global Warning: A new climate report is due out that presents a very bleak future, thanks to human ignorance and greed. "Nature always bats last"... .
19. Japan's Health Minister describes women as "birth-giving machines."
20. Reward: $25 thousand dollars to whoever can tell the Sea-Shepherd Conservation society where the Japanese whaling fleet is. (The price for telling George Bush where Osama bin Laden still stands at $5 million... )
21. Lost Their Marbles: The police in Tijuana got their guns back. The federales had been relieved of their weapons when it emerged that they had been involved in as much illegal activity as the criminals they were supposed to be going after. During the gunless lull, the Tijuana cops were forced to use slingshots and marbles to defend themselves.
22. American intelligence! Can't live with it; can't live without it! `Apparently our sly sleuths have learned that North Korean Krazy King, Kim Jon Il likes I-pods and cognac - so these items are on the list of sanctioned luxuries of which we are depriving Beloved Leader. (Krazy Kim can just get his candy from China, like we do back here in the US. Where's the 'sanction' in that?)