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Cascadians Say No To War

Estacada Stand for Peace -- There were 25 to 30 people standing against the war in Estacada today from noon to one o'clock. Many of you already know that there is a very active group of citizens in Estacada who meet regularly and stand in front of the City Hall each Sunday, holding signs and flags declaring their concerns about the present political climate in Washington D.C. Their steadfastness is inspirational. Though there was not a lot of traffic out there today, what did pass our way honked and waved and encouraged the stand for Peace. There were a few people who pointedly displayed their disagreement, but they were in a distinct minority. [read more]

MidGorge protests Iraq War -- Over 40 persons braved cold winds to carry banners and signs demanding peace on January 27 onto the Hood River 2nd Street freeway overpass, in solidarity with the antiwar march and rally in Washington DC; the nonviolent demonstration was sponsored by Columbria River Fellowship for Peace. Another 25 persons, in The Dalles, in a demonstration called by Wasco County Citizens for Human Dignity, protested the war with signs and banners on the town's main freeway overpass, but after a time were ordered off by police claiming the demonstration was distracting drivers and dangerous. [read more]

Bend, OR Peace March & Rally -- Grey, overcast skies and chilly temperatures couldn't keep a determined group of about 200 Central Oregonians from attending a Peace March & Rally in Solidarity with the United For Peace event in Washington, D.C. Saturday. Warm spirits overcame cold feet as we marched to the beat of our Stop-the-Damned-War Drum Corps. The march started out with organizers energizing the crowd with lively, albeit brief tunes and an announcement that our well-attended event was but one of over 275 such protest events occurring across America and in at least six international locations. Negril, Jamaica? We were a bit jealous of their weather... [read more]