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H.R.663, Blumenauer's "New Direction for Iraq Act"

Earl introduces a bill to end the war, take money from the big contractors, prosecute war profiteers, and promote peace through diplomacy.
The "New Direction for Iraq Act of 2007" offers a comprehensive approach to a new policy for Iraq and can be summarized as follows:

- Sets out the goals of U.S. policy as supporting the Iraqi people, preventing greater violence, re-establishing U.S. international credibility and military readiness, and refocusing on real national security threats.

- Prohibits permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq, as well as U.S. control over Iraq's oil infrastructure and economic policies.

- Prohibits the escalation of the Iraq War, without specific Congressional approval.

- Requires the responsible redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq to be completed within approximately one year.

- Redirects U.S. reconstruction funding from large contractors to Iraqi owned businesses to help create jobs in Iraq.

- Instructs the President to nullify contracts with any company that has not fulfilled an Iraq reconstruction contract and to recover lost funds.

- Encourages Congress to investigate and the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute war profiteering and fraud.

- Directs the President to begin a regional diplomatic effort, including direct negotiations with Syria and Iran, to promote stability in Iraq and seek to solve other outstanding regional issues, such a nuclear proliferation and support for terrorism.

- Supports a new effort at an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.

- Directs the President to seek a new United Nations resolution to support international cooperation in stabilizing Iraq.

- Requires the President and the Iraqi government to agree on performance benchmarks and conditions further support for the Iraqi government on the achievement of those benchmarks.

- Requires the appointment of a Special Envoy for Iraq Reconciliation.

- Authorizes additional funds for strengthening Iraqi civil society, including labor unions, environmental groups, and community organizations.

- Authorizes assistance to support a neutral international effort to disarm, demobilize, and reintegrate members of sectarian militias.

- Requires the development of country strategies to address the needs of Iraqi refugees.

It's the funding, Stupid 29.Jan.2007 00:18

end the occupations

See this:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352916.shtml

And remember that Earl wouldn't support the resolution calling for a ceasefire during the Israeli devastation of Lebanon. This man is no progressive.

lebanon notwithstanding 29.Jan.2007 00:41


it looksk like blumenauer's bill would require an end to the war. i'm not a lawyer, but i don't see the legal difference between requiring withdrawal and not funding further occupation. if anything, earl's bill seems stronger and more proactive.

my letter to Blumenauer 29.Jan.2007 01:11

What about yours??

Well, you're starting to rouse, Mr. Blumenauer, with HB 663.

But you still haven't done your duty to protect the Constitution and impeach Bush and Cheney for their numerous, serious crimes. And you still haven't called to cut the funding. You and I and all the rest of thinking U.S. citizens know that we can cut the funding as we bring U.S. soldiers home.

Don't play games with your constituents, Mr. Blumenauer: Cut the funding and impeach, now!!

This seems a step in the right direction 29.Jan.2007 02:05

Fred Bauer

The part about closing permanent bases is good as is the part about coming up with a plan to deal with the refugees. Many of us would like to see an immediate withdrawal, but we have a lot of Iraqi people over there who believed and trusted in America. An immediate pullout without looking after these allies would be yet another betrayal, just like after the first Iraq war. I don't know about you, but I don't want to see another "Last chopper out of Saigon" scenario.

DoD Approves Senior Call Up 29.Jan.2007 10:48


A part of Bush's "No One left Behind" program

Not so fast 30.Jan.2007 10:16


"- Prohibits the escalation of the Iraq War, without specific Congressional approval. "

Which is not the same as saying "we now say knock it off". Will Congress approve the insurgency? Possibly to probably, going by the ranking Dem's actions.