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92nd and Woodstock Locked down by Police, Swat, Possibly Army

SE 92nd and Woodstock is locked down right now! Police, swat, and individuals in camo fatigues carrying automatic rifles patrol streets.
About 5 square blocks around SE 92nd and Woodstock is surrounded with patrol cars, vans, and armored carriers. Men in camo fatigues march down the streets. Spectators at the scene said that there are some "bad" people holed up in a house nearby. NO shots fired... yet.

Image 28.Jan.2007 19:40


My camera can't take images clearly at night, and they have shut down a lot of the power around the area. This is the best image I could get.

Update 28.Jan.2007 20:16


More from folks at the scene:
Apparently shots were fired, and that was what initiated the police to show up. Three individuals were detained and escorted from a house nearby into a patrol car. At least one of the men in camo identefied himself as a portland police officer. Reports of the church across the street being used as a sniper nest were heard.

On a positive note, due to all this, the Chevron station at 92nd and Foster was shutdown for two hours!

I could only get two more photos from the scene before the officers shined a light at me, effectively blinding my camera.
Here is the arrest being made
Here is the arrest being made
Corporate media gets video of a bus
Corporate media gets video of a bus

Area : 92 and Ramona 28.Jan.2007 20:28


I live in the area and only hope the cops don't open fire on the suspects.

whoa 28.Jan.2007 21:05


That's disgusting to see the police and military have now joined together. Anyone remember what posse comitatus means? Thank you for this report. I used to live in the Foster/Holgate area 6 months back, so seeing police marching down the street in fatigues, I would imagine, would be a nightmare!

Anymore info on this incident? 29.Jan.2007 18:57


If might have been one of their own going berserk - like maybe a post Iraq war veteran going balistic from too much DU in his system.

no military 30.Jan.2007 06:42


Portland's cops assigned to the swat team wear camo at times.