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Schumacher's Fur,Security (gone to far) they're After Granny Now !!!

Saturday,Jan 27th,2007, Portland ,Oregon,USA
On route to my 3rd Photo shoot of the day,toward Pioneer Square,
was verbally harrassed and and almost cuffed/arrested by security!and demorilized publically !!!
Those of you that order and recieve Photo's from me, know that I am a Political -interest and Public -interest free-lance photographer.

Schumacher's Security bolted ot of the door yesterday at 2:13 p.m screaming at me that I was a tresspasser !!! and that I needed to leave !!!
I had only come across the street, to see what that T-Shirt said that is mounted in their lobby,on an art easal (peta kills .com ) and took a photo when he was allllllll over me !!!! he accused me of being with "them" (the protestors ) at the time,
nobody had even arrived, and thats what piqued my interest to look at the store,on the way to Pioneer square to Photo-the Vietnam-Veterns small assembly.

I was so startled by his violent presentation,that I was slow to move,and while trying to explain that I was not a Fur Protestor, he said I was now under a arrest !!! and he was actting as tho he was reaching for something behind his back.

I want to know under what authority, he has to do so ???
And One Fur participant, was just bringing signs up the sidewalk, and even she told him I was not one of them.
He just kept baraging me and being all aggressive to the piont that I finally
called him a &*&^%%^$%#@ Moron !!!
Five portland cops arrived after he called 911.and I male whom was with me, whom films for cable...started to film the security guard after he came at me with his video camera and started filming me...I saw it as an attempt to provoce me...but I did not bite.

I want to know does the new Federal Animal terrorist act...cover iniocent bystanders ? I'm a 50 year old Grandmother, !!! I'm Not trying to induce any rage,however
I own my Dead Mothers Fur coats from the 50's....I dont obviously wear them,nor need them...they are just inheritence...I eat cheese and meat and eggs...
And just because I have been seen talking to and stand among person's at Schumachers Protest's....I'm guilty by association !!!!
I should not have been threatened in anyway shape or form,nor should you guys,
by Schumachers aggressive Guards.
I understand Richard has a ticket/courtdate because the same Guard goaded him into an incident....Schumachers must be pretty desperate...to pick on Persons with disablity's and Camera toting Grandma"s.....

Tom Moyer...I'm calling you and bringing you this man's Photo,and Larry Schumacher stood in the doorway and did not call off is goon !!! you need to re-instate the eviction and now !!!
You might be great at giving $8,000,000 checks to City Hall,but you sure don't impress me by what I've seen of your renters.
Oct 16th,2006 Female Models in underwear only with wide open Fur coats,shooting a Video with the Maxline passengers in full view of the 2 hour video...and the Models fallingdown with beaver shots tward the windows !!!
And Linda Schumacher holding up a blowen up poster in City Council of an underage Minor and that went out on Cable t.v. toooo!!!!
Where's the child porn Police when you need them !!!!Slap the Cuff's On Linda already !!!!
And the scrap book they keep in the store of the samer underaged Teenagers,and showing your Customers what a Pathectic Victim you are....You better learn about
Child pornograpic laws in Oregon...

Rules of engagement.......IN case you forgot !!!
Rule # 1 dont engage the enemy....
Rule # 2 Dont lower yourself to any level....
NEW RULE # 3 Don't engage or enrage the Camera toting Granny !!!You Moron!!!!

Can you say screwed and tattoed ? NO thank God, I did not get a Ticket !!!
Agressive Gards 28.Jan.2007 22:36

White Tiger

I'm very sorry about the ordeal you went through. I got there shortly after it occured, and was told about what happened. A couple of the security gards do tend to be a little bit on the agressive side.

Why They Do What They Do 29.Jan.2007 13:40


One must keep in mind the Schumachers are aggressive,nasty,hateful and ugly people.Therefore, they must surround themselves with others like them in order to validate themselves. Nasty people breed nasty little people.

Schumachers Security Officers 31.Jan.2007 01:19

J. Waters

As a Licensed Security Enforcement Officer by the State of Oregon I can tell you unless you were inside the store or standing at the entrance on their property there is nothing anyone can do against you. If you were blocking the door they can, if you were blocking the sidewalk a police officer can ask you to clear a path, most will not arrest under any circumstances. Downtown there is an ordinance that makes it illegal to block a sidewalk if you have not done so once warned. But what these security Officers did is illegal. They only have the normal arrest all private citizens have.. Citizens Arrest.. that's it. They sure as hell can't handcuff you, restrain you or hold you against your will. So.. I would make sure you get a copy of the police report, get a statement from anyone who witnessed it and file charges against the security officers and the store. Plus you have grounds to sue in addition.

for a year and a half I worked at the Central Library as a Security Officer. Had to deal with the homeless.. street kids ( agressive ones), drug dealing, drinking. I could not arrest or detain anyone at all. Only if someone tried to attack me or someone else could I act. The law is also clear that if you do detain someone for a crime committed in your presence you must within 20 min. call 911...! I could not arrest under any circumstances. The law essentially states that we can only observe and report in 95% of the time.


security insight 03.Feb.2007 11:21


J Waters thanks for your insight, always nice to see the wisdom of a seasoned security guard.