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Estacada Stand for Peace

The regular Sunday stand in Estacada gave a good showing.
There were 25 to 30 people standing against the war in Estacada today from noon to one o'clock. Many of you already know that there is a very active group of citizens in Estacada who meet regularly and stand in front of the City Hall each Sunday, holding signs and flags declaring their concerns about the present political climate in Washington D.C. Their steadfastness is inspirational. Though there was not a lot of traffic out there today, what did pass our way honked and waved and encouraged the stand for Peace. There were a few people who pointedly displayed their disagreement, but they were in a distance minority.

Uh, that's DISTINCT minority 28.Jan.2007 15:03


Spell check does not rule out wrong words. It was not a "distance" minority, but a very DISTINCT one, and very MINOR one. Gotta wear my glasses when I proof read.

tweak away 29.Jan.2007 23:26


cool..and congrats..i went to school at euhs almost 50 yrs ago..left town to join the hippies after vortex..i say if you can't offend a few ol'fogies(and fogettes) with your actions then you ain't taking care of business...rock on.